Daytripper; the Lily Lace in Aqua Seafoam

Never lose your sense of wonder…¹

Have you ever watched a show like “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” and caught yourself being surprised when they feature a place that is in your own hometown, and you never even knew it existed? Chances are, there are quaint coffee shops, bookstores with stacks of books, antique stores piled high with intriguing pieces, or hole-in-the-wall eateries that hold the most amazing finds as yet undiscovered by you…all within easy driving distance! We get so engrossed in our routines and the calendar pages flip by us, and before you know it we’ve lived in one place, driven the same streets, shopped at the exact same places, and seen the same views for years. We get bored with the rut we are in and our spirit longs for something new. Evy’s Tree would like to encourage each of you to branch out of your routine! The concept of “day tripping” is to go explore new areas within an easy day-radius of your home. What new food might you find, people you could meet, and fabulous little nooks and crannies of your locale are waiting for you to explore?

Take Evy’s Tree with you! Our gorgeous feminine pullover sweatshirt is back; meet the Lily Lace in Aqua Seafoam. This updated pullover is comfortable and practical, yet delicate-appearing at first glance, offering an easy way to be a little casual yet perfectly stylish. The LIly Lace is tailored for the optimal fit and features a stunning lace detail across the body and upper sleeves, making this an awesome seasonal transition piece because the lace is breathable. This beautiful aqua seafoam color is soft, sophisticated, and one of the absolute favorite neutral tones for 2020. The Lily Lace is sophisticated enough for Sunday church or for weekday coffee chats with friends, and can be worn with our amazing Grey Denim Skinnies, a fun denim skirt, or dress it up a bit with basic black Skinnies.

Please refer to the listing on our website for exact body measurements.
Model is Helen BystrovaFor pictures on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl.
Professional photography by (@DASOphoto on Instagram). Hair/makeup is by Katie

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