Janelle in Grey Stripe

Just breathe.

You are strong enough to handle your challenges,

wise enough to find a solution to your problems,

and capable enough to do whatever needs to be done.

~ Lori Deschene

We are all in need of this reminder right now; just stop and breath and let out all of the negative, inhaling the positive back into your spirit. You are not alone; the entire world is in need of a breath of fresh air! As we are all on a forced pause, we know it’s in our nature as industrious American women to begin to dream of what will be, when this season has passed. What new goals, dreams, ideas, and decisions will you make? We hope you are comfortable and cozy as you dream, and just in time to help you relax in a virtual Evy’s Tree hug is the release of a new Janelle!

The Janelle in Grey Stripe is not only the perfect all-season neutral, this comfort piece is here to soothe your body as you strive to soothe your soul. The Janelle is our super-soft, oversized hooded pullover with a fun crossover hem that creates a two layer petal illusion without the unnecessary weight. Finished with a woven dyed to match drawstring, yarn dyed stripes, fabric hood and single exterior pocket, this new Janelle is a similar fabric to the former Janelles in Pesto and Wildflower, with a slight adjustment for a more flattering all-body type fit that still provides excellent bum coverage. The Janelle in Grey Stripe is your go-to tunic length comfort piece that pairs perfectly with our denim skinnies, a skirt, or of course, the ubiquitous leggings. It can be worn comfortably around the house, or transition into a outfit for your invigorating walk or trip to the dog park.


Please refer to the listing on our website for exact body measurements.
Model is Helen BystrovaFor pictures on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl.
Professional photography by http://www.dasophoto.com/ (@DASOphoto on Instagram). Hair/makeup is by Katie http://www.whimsybridal.com/

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