Sophie in Golden Glow

Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you. ~ Walt Whitman

Trees lit up in a variety of brilliantly colored leaves, like tall bonfires lighting our way from summer to winter…it’s that time of year when our breath lingers in the morning air and even the red or golden glow of sunsets seem to make us pause and look expectantly toward the sky, pondering the changing of seasons and the crisp beauty around us.

We love this season, and the current color trends thrill us to the tips of our fingers; the soothing wines, army greens, champagne tans, and warm yellows seem to blend so perfectly with the stunning palette that nature presents to us every day. Nearly every item that Evy’s Tree is bringing to you this season is made to blend with each other, and pull together nearly every piece in your closet. And what better item to bring you the ultimate comfort than a much-loved Sophie…? We are excited to present the Sophie in Golden Glow to you, and we know you will love how this piece invokes the peace and joy of warm sunsets and autumn perfection!

If you are new to Evy’s Tree, trust us when we tell you that the Sophie is the number one best seller and most-loved hoodie in our entire hoodie-verse, and there is a simple reason for that; it’s the ultimate and final word in comfort and happiness. It has appeared in more color variations than any other style, and has been the only piece where we have actually paused factory production of other styles in order to make additional inventory of certain Sophies, due to overwhelming demand. Our customers created the hashtag SophieNation in order to share their devotion and love for Sophie!

So if you have one Sophie, you probably have three. Or five. Or all the colors ever made!

Why is the Sophie amazing? Sophie is comfortable and allows room to ‘breathe’ if you want a fuller, comfortable yet gorgeous top. Some ladies prefer to have a more fitted ‘baby doll’ style and this is easily achieved by sizing down. The Sophie is the perfect marriage of comfort, style, and beauty!

Wear it with leggings, jeans, skinny skirt…wear it zipped up or left open, and layered over a top or dress.

This Golden Glow Sophie is the same fantastic Sophie fabric as previous cooler-weather pieces, with the warm fleece-brushed interior for extra warmth and comfort. It features a timeless and classic glen plaid hood lining and coordinating brown faux suede elbow patches. This perfect hoodie is just waiting to envelope you in its embrace!

If you’re pregnant, the Sophie is an absolute necessity for maternity, hospital stay, and postpartum comfort. Plus, the zippered closure aids in quick, easy breastfeeding! The Sophie is simply comfortable, pretty, and easy to fit into any ladies wardrobe in a vast variety of ways.

Model for Sophie in Golden Glow is @vanessawilkinson. Professional photography by Tommy Sullivan. Hair/makeup is by Katie

All accessory details are in our listing. For complete sizing suggestions and measurements please see the Sizing Chart (under the Fit and Care tab in the listing).

All IRL and color comparison pictures are subject to variable warehouse lighting; please refer to our professional pictures in the listing for the best representation of color for each piece.

Front to back:  Sophie in Golden Glow, Diana in Butterscotch, Chloe in Curry, Brandy Coat in Sunset Gold

Cristy in XS

Samantha in XS

Trista in S

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