A Few Of My Favorite Things and A Discount Code

Happy holiday weekend friends! I hope your weekend has been filled with lots of love, fun and excitement….or maybe it’s just filled with rest, and sometimes that even better than anything else, right? 🙂

I’m not going to lie {and yes Mr/Ms Anonymous, so sorry, I’m going to complain for a second, so you might want to skip over this part ;)}, the last couple weeks have been rather tough for me. I have NEVER had a problem sleeping but my sleep has been hiding from me lately. Over the last two weeks, I think I slept about 4 hours every night…somewhere right around 2:30 or 3 AM I would wake up and not be able to get back to sleep. I know it’s probably stress…I had a spring photo shoot to worry about {although it turned about amazing, see HERE}, Spring items to get finished and launched {which is huge in and of itself} and then the kicker was we had some issues with Jake at school and we had to take a better look at his IAP {Individualized Accommodation Plan}. I have to be honest, although putting together a spring photo shoot and a spring line is huge, anything that has to do with our kids is huger, right? And then we had some other little family bumps in the road and WAH-LAH! No sleep! Ha!

All that to say, this four day weekend came at a time that I needed it most. Friday morning the kids had no school thanks to a teacher in service day, so Brandon let me sleep in while he took care of the kiddos. It was the first time I have slept that long in a really, really long time. And then yesterday we took the kids to the city {San Francisco, for you non locals}. The day was gorgeous, the weather warm, the sites rejuvinating. Just what we all needed. Yesterday after a wonderful church service, we came home and rested some more, and then had a family movie night complete with popcorn and a fire in the fireplace. It’s been HEAVENLY. Needless to say, I’m thinking come Tuesday morning I’ll be ready to conquer the world, how about you? 🙂

THANK YOU LORD. You knew exactly what I needed this weekend. You are our very present help in time of trouble and you are always right on time. 

We are headed out for another day of fun this morning, but really quickly I wanted tell you about a few of my favorite items from the Spring line. I didn’t get a chance to do a blog post regarding my faves yet, so I figured today was as good as time as any since…

the 15% off discount code is STILL active! Enter EMAILLOVE at checkout. It’s good through today and into the night. 😉

So some of my favorites:

The Carisa Brilla

I’m not going to lie, if I was to purchase a Brilla this season, this one would be it. I am in SUCH a huge grey and orange phase right now. And to be honest, it looked SO ADORABLE on Carisa {who it’s named after}. She came over a little later with flipflops on and had the hoodie unzipped, it still looked cute. Want one? Click HERE to buy.

The Lauren Brilla

This one is a no brainer. Who doesn’t wear navy and red during the spring and summer?? It’s the perfect outdoor activity hoodie. And Lauren, our little model, is precious isn’t she?
Oh and bonus! Dog hoodie available in this one as well. What could be cuter?
Adult hoodie HERE, Kids hoodie HERE, Dog hoodie HERE
The Black Diana Wrap
This one is an essential, in my opinion. And thankfully, I have quite a bit of the fabric {knock on wood} so we should have this around for a little bit, at least. Don’t have a Diana Wrap….um, I’m not kidding, do yourself a favor and buy one. They are by far one of my favorite items right now. Can be casual or dressy {I wore my navy one to church yesterday with a navy skirt, scarf and heels}…they are so versatile.
All Diana Wraps HERE, Black Diana Wrap HERE
The Grace Wrap
The Grace wrap is so so popular over here. One of the things that makes this one so loved is the juxtapose between causal and dressy. Its made out of repurposed men’s hoodie, but the high end ribbon and ruffles make it look like a runway item. It’s so very fun to wear.
Purchase the Grace Wrap HERE, The Mrs Darcy Brooch HERE
The Simple Hoodie
I think one of our most popular items is The Simple hoodie. I have people tell me all the time how its the hoodie they love the most because it’s plain, but yet not plain, if that makes any sense. 🙂 And this hoodie is one of the first 4 styles to be included in our manufactured items. Although this is coming in our manufactured goods, it will not come in Navy this year {although we hope to produce it in a rainbow of colors in the years to come}…So I have to say one of my favorite items this spring is the navy simple. And I LOVE how sweet Cheyenne styles it…can you tell she is pregnant? Another reason to love Evy’s Tree the are perfect for you pregnant people. 🙂
Navy Simple HERE
Mrs Darcy Exclusively for Evy’s Tree
I am so very excited about this one. Mrs Darcy has LONG been an essential part of Evy’s Tree. If you have one of our simples or grace wraps from way back in the beginning, then you probably have one of Mrs Darcy’s brooches. I have to tell you a little bit about Mrs Darcy….shown here with her two darling boys.
Mrs Darcy is a lovely woman who adores all things ruffly and girly, but yet is stuck in a boys world {I’m sure there are other moms out there that can relate 🙂 }. She started making brooches and headbands as a side hobby many years ago and her items are like little pieces of art, she hand makes each one and puts lots of love and care into them. She has an etsy store that she started a couple years ago, but this past year and a half has been difficult for her. Her beloved sister in law was diagnosed with cancer and if you know Mrs Darcy, you know that she loves with all her heart. This was probably one of the most difficult things for her to go through.
Shown above with her sister in law Kelly, taken last week. Kelly recently had surgery again in hopes of finally knocking out this cancer that is in her body. Through it all, Mrs Darcy has had to slow down on her creative side to help her family through this time. But she is back now and is hoping to gradually ease into the swing of creating once again.
To help her out, I offered to give her a spot in our store, as long as she made exclusive items for Evy’s Tree. And of course, she did! Have you seen what’s there? Some favorite pieces and some new pieces, I think you will love them!
All of them go wonderfully with our simples, grace wraps or the Army green Jackie Brilla.
To shop Mrs Darcy’s exclusive collection go HERE.
* * * * * * * * ** * * * * * *
Whelp, that’s it! Remember, use code EMAILLOVE to get 15% off the entire store until tonight! Yes, that’s even sale items! have fun shopping!
As for us, we are considering going to Ikea today. It’s been at least 12 years since I’ve been and Brandon has never gone. Do you think we should go?? We just want to know what all the hype is about, fill us in, what are we missing. 🙂
Happy President’s Day everyone! xoxo
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