Classic Diana Wrap in Wondrous Winter White

Welcome back to the cozy, versatile Diana Wrap!

The Diana Wrap originally appeared in some earlier, hand-made versions, but in Fall 2014 our first manufactured Diana burst on to the scene in a lovely Aluminum, and it has been a mainstay in our line-up every since. The Diana is named after Amy’s sweet mother-in-law, and it is Diana who really gets the credit for sharing her phenomenal seamstress skills when Amy was just beginning to learn how to sew!

The Diana Wrap in its Fall/Winter form is a favorite over here, because as Californians, this is our winter coat. The Aluminum was a luxurious medium weight, 100% cotton french terry wrap in a gorgeous go-with-everything aluminum grey color. The Diana Wrap style (fall/winter pieces) are made to have a “sloppier” fit to accommodate tee shirts underneath, one side of the wrap is left longer than the other so you can throw it over your shoulder. The edges are left raw to create our laid back distressed look and the neck, lapel and hood are complete with a soft, intricate, cable knit collar and hood in contrasting grey color. A very artisan style… the Diana Wrap makes you feel like you are cozied up in a warm blanket, the perfect sitting by the fire accessory. The Wrap also came with a kiltie pin so you can pin the knit into place if you need a little more security.

Diana Wrap in Aluminum



In early Spring 2015, the Diana Wrap returned in a slightly lighter, but still warm and soft fabric, and this time in a super feminine Blush Pink.

Diana Wrap in Blush



In Spring 2015 the Diana Wrap returned, but in a lighter fabric that was designed with our hot-weather friends in mind! This time we made it even more versatile. The two new Spring/Summer Diana’s were super duper soft and lightweight; coral and cream stripe fabric on one side, solid cream on the other side for one, and navy striped with grey for the other. These Diana Wraps came with grosgrain ties that allowed you to wear the wrap at least five different ways; including as an over the shoulder sleeved caplet, tied as a bow on one side, or as a dress To make it more exciting, these were both designed to be reversible.

These two neutral colors guaranteed that they could be rotated in your closet all season, serving as anything from a swim suit cover up to comfy evening bonfire excitement.

Diana Wrap in Navy





Diana Wrap in Coral





Just in time for Fall/Winter 2015, the cold-weather version of the Diana Wrap returned in a gorgeous black, with a charcoal black/grey soft knit trim and hood. Made of the thicker fabric like the earlier Aluminum and Blush Pink Diana Wraps, this Olive Black Diana sold out quicker than anyone imagined and has proven to be a fall/winter wardrobe staple.

Diana Wrap in Olive Black





Our 2016 Spring/Summer version of the Diana was a complete blockbuster. The usual thinner summer fabric was made flowy and less asymmetrical, with a light hood and an absolutely perfect summer Aqua color.

Diana Wrap in Aqua



And now, just in time for Fall/Winter 2016, is the Diana Wrap in Winter White! This lush wrap is a rich, creamy, buttery vanilla color. The Diana features our luxurious, medium weight, 100% French-terry cotton fabric. This wrap is made to have a “slouchier” fit to accommodate shirts underneath, for quintessential cold weather layering. One side of this amazing wrap is left longer than the other so you can throw it over your shoulder if desired. The edges on this piece are left raw to create our laid back, distressed look. The lapel and hood are complete with a gorgeous, died to match, luscious cable cotton knit. A very artisan style, the Diana Wrap is the perfect cold weather accessory to layer with your winter apparel and make a unique and luxurious statement. Our wrap also comes with a kiltie pin so you can pin the knit into place if you need a little more security.  If you are only getting one Evy’s Tree this season…THIS is it!

Diana in Winter White










Crystal (5’3″) in XS


Mitzi (5’6″) on the left in XS


Trish (5’3″) in XS


Brittany (5’6″) in XS


Veronica in XS


More IRL pics in larger sizes coming soon. Only the photo shoot (XS) size was available for IRL pics. Thank you for your patience. 

Color Comparison, Diana in Winter White, Alisha in Salt, Evy’s Tree tee


The Diana Wrap is true to size; as usual, it’s a personal preference if you’d like to size up or down. It is designed to be loose to allow for simple layering, and more petite ladies might consider sizing down for a more snug fit or if a slightly shorter length is desired. Ladies with longer torsos, fuller busts, or longer arms can stay in their normal size or even size up if they want more length.

Email or contact us via Live Chat if you have sizing questions.

Care: we recommend washing on cold, with like colors, in a mesh laundry bag. Hang or lie flat to dry. Low setting iron if desired. For more laundry, color set, and care tips please see our FAQ section.

Professional photography by (@DASOphoto on Instagram). Our model is Nora, she is 5’7″, wearing an XS, and her hair/makeup is by Katie from Whimsey. Thank you Nicole Simpkins for allowing us to shoot at your location.

Accessory details:

All accessory details are also in our listing on our site. For complete sizing suggestions and measurements please see the Sizing Chart (under the Fit and Care tab in the listing).

The Diana Wrap will be available for purchase on September 29 at 10 am PST. It will ship approximately October 27. Let us know if you have any questions!


“Do tha Superman…”


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