Since this blog is dedicated to my children, I have a confession to make to them.


Sorry kids, I hate to admit it, but I’m not. Sure I can turn an old dingy 4th grade classroom into a magical center for learning, I can decorate my home like a pro, I can throw great parties and cater wonderful meals, I can put together decent clothing ensambles {bragging on myself here for a second, sorry}, but I am not truly creative.
Because I buy everything. I cannot make anything from scratch {well, except food, but that’s beside the point}. I am not one of these creative moms that turn an old tee shirt into a JCrew look alike, like Alexis over at My Momma Made It. I cannot create awesome little bags to store snacks in like Evelyn Fields or burp cloths for my babies like my friend Melanie. I can’t make headbands like Lou and Lee. And I definately can’t make beauitful little shoes and accesories like my friend Jessica. I can’t even sew a button on. In fact kids, your Dad can sew better than me. So embarrassing.
Why does this matter?
Because now, more than ever, thanks to my job as a stay at home mommy, money is scarce. Unless Mumsy takes us on a shopping spree kids, its highly unlikely we’ll buy much {ok, so that’s not entirely true, I will buy almost anything from Target, just can’t resist!}. So I’ve got to get just a little creative, at least to the point where I can sew a button on or take up a hem.
Soooo… {Why do I have to be so longwinded? Sheesh!}
Last time I was at Mumsy and Gramp’s house, I asked Mumsy if I could have her old sewing machine. She swears its the best ever made {at least 30 years ago it was} and is just as good as new. I know, I know, it doesn’t look it, but I’m sure it will do the trick to get me started:
AND, while I was at Target tonight {my place of escape}, I bought this: My very first mini sewing kit. Ok, I know its really cheesy, but it’s a start at least. Now what to do with it all?

Anyway, kids, I’m sorry for the massive lack of creative genes you inherited, but perhaps we change some of the DNA for you.
I love you,
P.S. Any of you creative moms who happen to read this post, please do not hesitate to offer any tips or words of encouragement. I need them. xoxo
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13 comments on “Confession…

  1. LOL, no worries Amy!!!!!
    you have lots of creative talent….you write beautifully….
    I've been a Scrapper since Christian was 18m old….he's 14yrs old now, sure I could do other stuff, loved to make things, but once I had our daughter….
    it took a couple of years to get going, that's where I got my true inspiration from….it was all cuz of her! so no worries Amy, you will get the bug in no time!

  2. Just got my first sewing machine for my birthday (I haven't sewed since high school) and I am just learning the basics on it…so no tips to offer, other than just play and see what happens. I have already had several pieces wind up in the trash! I am going to take a few classes, to refresh my memory, and then hope from there that I will be able to make something beautiful.
    I have the October Itch for being a teacher right now – not sure it is my thing, even though the district just paid for me to become a trainer for the reading apprenticeship program – would love to start a small business (photography, any thing creative really where I am my own boss).
    What made you decide NOT to teach and to stay home? Don't know if I can make that plunge, I like to spend too much money, I know that is bad to say, but true. Plus, I don't know if I could mentally take staying home with my kids everyday, I love them, but also need that break every once in a while.
    Wow – how did I get so off track? Good luck finding your inner creativity somewhere inside you! I am sure it is there, waiting to be unleashed…

  3. Thanks Stephanie! I actually do Scrapboo, I guess I never thought to include that. I just can't sew or really do anything with fabric. So that's what I'm attempting here. hehe.

    Jenni, I'll email you! πŸ™‚

  4. Good luck Amy! I always felt like I wasn't creative AT ALL but I think it was because I was surrounded by creative geniuses who's stuff I always liked better than mine own. I haven't picked up sewing yet as I want to tackle photography first but I've picked up a lot of other creative hobbies already. Jewelry probably being the one that comes easiest for me but I can also scrapbook halfway decently! I designed everything for our wedding from the invitations and programs to the decor to the food and cake and it was my first true test of how other people viewed my creative skills, it didn't come out half bad! When we refinish our remodel the hubs has promised me a craft room until it becomes a nursery, I might only have it for a few months but I hope to take advantage of it as much as possible! My dream would be to become a domestic goddess, a martha stewart of sorts! My grandmother could beat martha stewart in any sort of match with one hand tied behind her back. If I could just have a little bit of it rub off on me, I'd be happy!

  5. This is hilarious because I've decided to get a sewing machine! Well, I'm going to borrow a friend's first to see if can actually figure out how to use it before investing in my own. I figure I can make my own curtains for Samuel's room since I can't find any that I like. They can't be that hard, right?? And then he needs a new nap blanket for school and how hard can a blanket be?? Ha….WE'LL SEE!! Good luck to the both of us as aspiring seamstresses!

  6. I have been designing my own clothing , but no sewing yet! No exactly sure how to but want to take classes soon and get my own sewing machine! You will do marvelous! I think you are creative and could make your own things like clothes and such by scratch. Just start with a blanket or skirt or something and go with what comes to you!

  7. Ironically, I was just telling my best friend last week that I want to learn to sew (she can). We were watching back to back episodes of Project Runway (hehe) and it was so inspiring. πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, you just have to start somewhere. I never thought I was very creative until I started making stuff for fun that people said they actually wanted to buy. LOL And btw…it all started with scrapbooking.
    Good luck! πŸ™‚

  8. okay so I totally think you should do this. These are custom made not mass produced, so if your pricing them at the price of the ones at the store that are mass produced then your selling them at a really good price. As far as for care I think a lot of us hang dry are nicer or delicate clothing already so no need to worry there, and now that you've posted on here maybe you can get design idea's from friends for other looks. Well I hope I win. Final thought…go for it.

  9. I had a 1950s style machine and decided to pull it out this year to try to make things for my kids and grandkids since we have gone 3 yrs without raises and my waitress tips are getting to be less. My husband and kids went in together and got me a new machine that makes all kinds of pretty stitches and I love it but an old machine is a good way to start. I too had not sewn since highschool home ec class but I just look the item I want to make up online as well as any terms I don't understand. People say I am creative but I think that it is just because I can figure things out logically and am persistant. My mom raised me to believe that you can do anything you put your mind to and I fully believe that. And you are creative because you design beautiful clothes and now you are just exercising your other creative abilities and it may take a bit of practice!

  10. Ok, so this post is a few years old obviously because I consider you one of the most creative people I know!!

    I have a sewing machine that I can't even thread :/ I wish I had an *ounce* of your talent!

  11. Love this… I have a sewing machine that's been collecting dust for about a year. It's brand new and yours if you want it?? I can bring it to Pam this Saturday if you do…

    Kim – a.k.a ksrj2001 on twitter πŸ™‚

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