COVID Made Me Do It! Confessions from the Evy’s Tree Staff

Laughter is and always will be the best form of therapy.

~ Audrey Hepburn

First of all, we want to say that we believe that COVID-19 is a serious illness and sadly, too many people have fallen sick and even lost their lives to it. Our hearts have broken at the loss of people we know, including family and friends of Evy’s Tree employees. To all of you who have also experienced this pain, we know it hurts. We know the hole left by these losses is one that won’t ever be filled again. Sending our love and empathetic hugs to you. We are not making light of coronavirus or those affected physically or financially. This blog is intended to bring levity to the global shutdown as a way to lighten our emotional loads and bring a much-needed smile to all of our faces.

This global lockdown is a historically unprecedented event, and the repercussions are far-reaching. No matter where you live, you’ve been impacted in ways both big and small. On a lighter note, we have been laughing about things we have experienced, resorted to, or implemented as a way of coping with the strange world of quarantine life. Speaking of quarantine, lockdown, and unprecedented, we’d be ok if we go the rest of our lives and never hear those words again! Recently while listening to an Ireland radio station via Radio Garden, we noticed they referred to quarantining as”cocooning”, which makes it sound all benignly cozy, so now that’s our favorite word to use to refer to our current situation! Cocooning in cozy Evy’s Tree pieces (like our new Cuddle Starter Kit Jogger set) may make this mind-numbing 2020 chaos a little more bearable.

Also helping us cope are stories about crazy things that have happened during COVID quarantine cocooning. We heard that Brandon was dying Amy’s hair, although sadly we don’t have pictorial proof of that. We polled our staff and sure enough, we heard some absolute gems about what is happening in their cocoons!

“We haven’t cleaned our bedrooms in about 2 months and we’re still somehow able to open the door! Seriously. Jake’s room is a nightmare.” ~ Amy

“I have been taking bubble baths during COVID after my kids go down. I turn on music that is from other countries, or places in the world that I’d like to be, and sip wine as if I’m on vacation there. It’s a mental stay-cation.” ~ Vanessa

“We got bored and got a cat. Now we are stuck with a CAT! So… if anyone wants a cat…let me know.” ~ Veronica

“Free CAT to a good home.” ~ Veronica

“So, sometimes I say places are closed due to the virus, even when they’re not. For example, my 5 year old daughter is obsessed with Halloween and waits for Spirit Halloween to open up (in August!!) and literally asks to go every day. I can’t go every day or argue about it! So, one day I said they weren’t open because of limited hours due to the virus. Then last week I said they were closed for a deep cleaning!” ~ Rose

“COVID has given us the gift of being able to recite every episode from The Office.  We also make fresh cookie dough every other day…not to make cookies, just to eat the dough. Office and cookie dough has been our COVID motto.” ~ Lindsey

“The worst thing about prison {quarantine} was the dementors.” – Michael “Prison Mike” Scott, Season 3, “The Convict” The Office

“Not sure what we were thinking but COVID inspired us to get the CUTEST little puppy named Chloe. Unintended consequences include a house that is now turned upside down. Juggling potty time, work and distant learning has truly tested my super power skills. My favorite moment this week is when my senior dog started taking all of her toys and hiding them in her area. I feel her pain.” ~ Samantha

“This is now MY Evy’s Tree blanket scarf.” ~ Chloe

“We used to only eat ice cream after dinner a few times a week. Not during COVID. Now, we eat gallons and gallons of the creamy stuff. Our diet is out of control!” ~ Brandon

“I ‘go to the grocery store’, actually I just sit in my car outside the house for 30 minutes (or until they find me) alone in silence. Or I put in my AirPods and pretend to be on a meeting, so they’ll problem solve on their own.” ~ Consuelo

“I’m in a VERY IMPORTANT WORK MEETING right now.” ~ Consuelo

“I’ve stopped washing my hair and wearing makeup ’cause no one really sees me, but I’ve bought 10 new dresses, ’cause I want to look cute.  So I do or don’t care what I look like.” ~ Harmony

“Feeling cute. Might wash my hair eventually. Also, might not.” ~ Harmony

“Ok so I’m very ashamed of this, but sometimes I get wayyy too lazy to work at my desk which is exactly 2 feet away from my bed. So I’ll bring out a breakfast bed table and set up my computer and work from my bed all cuddly under my blankets!” ~ Isabel

2020 has redefined the office cubicle.

“You should totally DIY dye your own eyebrows, Quarantine said. Of course you can do it perfectly, Quarantine said. Spoiler alert: Quarantine is a LIAR.” ~ Elizabeth

“I usually am not a fan of hide and seek, like ever. But, since COVID, desperate times call for desperate measures and I have been playing hide and seek with my three young daughters. Mama hides and they find. What this really means is, I hide in their messy room that I have decided will never be clean again because HELLO, I cannot be held responsible for the state of anything in this house at the present time nor the future because of the current situation and tidiness has officially been tossed out the window. Possibly forever. I hide under the blankets on their bunkbed, which no one can tell I’m under because their beds haven’t been made in MONTHS. I lay as still as possible until they give up trying to find me and move onto dumping out the snacks to graze on thus giving me approximately five minutes of peace and quiet.” Trista (pictured in blog headline photo)

“At the beginning of COVID I like most of the rest of the world would change from my daytime pajamas to nighttime pajamas. However, I spend a good bit of time shopping online as a means to treat myself…I mean, I deserve it right? I’m stuck in my 930 square foot home with my husband, a five year old, a two year old and two dogs. Every week I order a small vanity item for myself to give me something to look forward to and pamper myself once it arrived. My personal favorite is shower bombs from Lush and most recently handmade polymer clay earrings.” ~ Carrie

“I hope the Etsy delivery comes when hubby is away from home…” ~ Carrie

How many of these can you relate to? Does what happen in COVID quarantine cocooning stay in cocooning? Not once you confess it here! So now it’s time to ‘fess up and tell us your own COVID confession! WIN $100 Evy’s Tee shop credit; just comment with your own confession, and share to your IG stories or FB feed so we can hear what your friends have to confess as well!

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