Handmade Spring 2013 Is Now Available!

I am so excited. Have you seen the website facelift?

Click on image to take you there…

I can’t even express how thrilled I am to introduce you all to some customers who love and adore Evy’s Tree. For now, you get to see and read a little bit about why they like our items, but in the next week or two, we will have a video up of them talking about their experience with Evy’s Tree. You are going to love it.

AND…you get to hear me talk. Yikes. Not going to lie I’m a bit nervous about that. ha. 

I hope you have a great time browsing the new and improved website. It was time for a clean up and of course my dear friend Brooke outdid herself, as always. Pretty sure I’d be no where if it weren’t for her. And Monika…her pictures rock, yes?? I’d also like to thank the lovely ladies and their families who spent an entire day a couple weeks ago volunteering their time for this project. Many people have asked if these are really customers or friends or family. Well, none of them are family {although you may see a few of my family members in some of the pictures since they were taken in my backyard ;)}, but all of them are people who I can now call friends. It’s a mixed group of ladies who were either customers who became friends or friends who became customers. Either way, these ladies are from the San Francisco Bay Area and have been a tremendous support of Evy’s Tree in one way or another. Most of them started buying our items waaayyy back when I first started and have been hooked since. Plus they tell all they know about Evy’s Tree which is pretty awesome. So thanks again ladies! We love and appreciate you!

Lastly, did you hear that our Handmade Spring 2013 will be available for purchase TONIGHT at 7 PM PST??

We have some beautiful and basic pieces available. Most of them bursting with the Spring colors and are meant to be a compliment to anything you buy this season. You can see the entire line HERE.

A quick note regarding this Spring line: I fully intended to have our manufactured goods here by now. Unfortunately they have been delayed again, for at least a couple months. The reason being is the fabric we choose did not hold up to my expectations, so we had to start over and weave the fabric again. I think you will be really happy with what I choose. BUT….

That leaves us with very little to offer in our handmade line. I had planned on having several thousand manufactured items here to make up for the gap, so when I went fabric shopping at the beginning of December, I bought only enough for a small line to compliment our manufactured items. And of course, as luck would have it, there is no manufactured line. That means that this handmade line is very, very limited. I mean VERY limited. I’m particularly nervous about the Striped Diana Wrap that everyone wants. Please know that it WILL sell out pretty quickly so if you want one I suggest you log on right at 7 PM PST.

I will have another upload of Spring items next month. It will be some brand new styles, not necessarily Diana Wraps or Brillas. I think you will be excited about it. Also, I will have something very exciting for boys and men debuting in April. So stay tuned!! Hopefully, after  that, the manufactured items will follow shortly. I will keep you updated on that.

So for now, your manufactured 50% off coupons are still on hold, BUT… there are some discount codes for the handmade items floating around {HERE, HERE, HERE}, so I would make sure you use that!!

Thank you friends! I love and appreciate you all. You guys make me smile and keep me going. Thank you for everything. Big hugs!


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