I’m alive, 31 days, and a GIVEAWAY

So I have a computer. Sort of.

Brandon has spent the last two days trying to “migrate” {whatever THAT means} my old computer onto the new computer….apparently it’s not happening. So for now I have all my files, programs, etc on a hard drive and when he gets home {he’s gone again, surprise, surprise} he is going to try to fix it all. What a mess! In case you missed it {or maybe I never told you, ha}… my precious little white macbook became possesed and started doing crazy things like working the mouse by itself and opening random programs on it’s own. It was pretty creepy. At first we thought I had caught a virus, but after looking a little deeper into it, Brandon feels I just had it overloaded to the max and it was time to upgrade. Thankfully, he had just bought a macbook pro but was wanting a macbook air {*yawn*…I know this story is super boring} SOOOOOO…we did a little switch-a-roo. He is selling his ipad to help pay for this, if anyone is interested. We are also selling the white macbook as now that we have it clean it works great {go figure, right? ugh}.

ANYWAY…I have been unable to access much for the last couple days. It’s been quite interesting, trying to run a business from my iphone. I hear people do such things. Hmmm, major props people, whoever you are. After just an hour of trying to read my emails from my phone, I was a goner. So.not.fun.

* * * * * * *

31 Days: Shopping with mom

I’m not sure if I am the only person has these great memories of shopping with their mom as a kid, but I have to be honest and say those are some of my favorite memories ever. When my parents moved to Santa Rosa, I was in 3rd grade. They came from the San Francisco suburbs and my mom was used to shopping at Nordstroms and I.Magnin. When we arrived at the Santa Rosa mall, well, let’s just say they had a Gap. And that was pretty much it. My mom didn’t seem to consider Macy’s a store {I know, I know, horrible, but it is what it is, ha}.

Anyway, she set out on a hunt for the closest Nordstrom, and we stumbled upon Corte Madera’s The Village. It was about a 40 min drive from our house. My mom gladly made that trip a couple times a month, and usually it was with us kids in tow. I have SUCH wonderful memories of the Walden books that used to be where Pottery Barn is now… my mom would let me hang out in the Baby Sitters Club section while she shopped- and I read and reread all my favorite books. Often, when we were coming home from visiting our grandparents in San Francisco, Corte Madera would be our pit stop…to use the restroom, get something to eat, walk around. Needless to say, I have been shopping there for nearly 30 years and I can tell you many of it’s transformations. {There used to be an awesome food court with a Sabarros, Boudin and this great hamburger place. It even had a sushi joint at one point. Anthropologie and Pottery Barn moved in and now all that’s left is Boudin- not that I’m complaining ;(.} Today the village has become very upscale and has nearly all the stores you’d want to frequent, and is super animal friendly and kid friendly.

Now that I am an adult, I have to be honest and say, there is still nothing as wonderful as shopping with my mom. I love walking around, trying clothes on and asking her opinions, and eating together. For the years that I lived in Stockton, these shopping trips were few and far between, but now that I am home in Santa Rosa, it’s so awesome to call my mom up and say, “Hey Mom, Evy and I are headed to Corte Madera tomorrow, want to come?”

My mom is always so good about wanting to get us stuff while we are there. When I was single and newly married, I felt such a huge amount of guilt that my mom would still buy me things. But now as a mom myself, I get it. If I had a little extra, there would be no way I wouldn’t want to buy things every now and then for my daughter, and eventually her daughter. It would be my privilege. SOOOO I was forced {ha, joke}, to buy myself a new pair of sunglasses today, courtesy of my mother.

I have had the same pair of sunglasses for nearly seven years {see a pattern here? Yup, I buy nice things and wear them OUT. ha}. I did buy another pair {the SAME kind} a couple years ago, but they recently got dropped down my driveway and are all scratched up {in case you were wondering what all those scratches were, well now you know. yikes.}. So my mom told me it was time. I usually tend to go for middle of the line Marcs by Marc Jacobs. They hold up so well and seem to go good with my style. Whatcha think?? πŸ™‚

Today I am thankful for shopping trips with my mom. They are so much fun. And I am so happy that my Evy gets to experience that fun as well. She had a blast running around the mall today. Thanks mom for coming with us and for my new glasses!!

* * * * * * * *

Diana wraps…GUYS, I have GOT to get these listed! They are all sitting around the studio waiting to be shipped out. And they are gorgeous!

A lightweight, heathered grey fabric

A lovely dark orange color, in a thicker weight fabric

A light lavender color, in a heavier weight fabric

An eggplant color in a lightweight fabric

An emerald color in a lightweight fabric

A light orange color in a lightweight fabric

A note about these Diana Wraps: I drove down to LA especially for material for these wraps. You might remember that we are trying to clean out all our fabric and hoodies that we have around here, making room for our manufactured goods. And since we have already paid for those items, we are marking them way down so that we can just liquidate them. With these wraps, however, we have to pay for the fabric, so they will be full price: $69.95.

I am hoping to list them tomorrow, so stay tuned. But in the meantime…how about a giveaway? I haven’t done one around here for a very long time. I’d love to giveaway one of our classic Diana Wraps {that is my personal favorite, I wear this one ALL THE TIME, and it washes soo , sooo good}. The Charcoal Black Diana Wrap.

While in LA, I found a little bit more of this fabric, so the winnings is one of these wraps in your size choice.

Would you like to enter? It’s easy! Use Rafflecopter and leave a blog comment with the following:

The size you would like {S-XL}

Your email address

If you do not include both of these items, your comment will not be picked. PLEASE USE RAFFLECOPTER…winner will be chosen through it. Thanks!

Thanks for playing along everyone, I hope you enjoy the giveaway! xoxo

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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167 comments on “I’m alive, 31 days, and a GIVEAWAY

  1. I wear a size small and I would love to own one of these! You always state they are one of if not your favorite item. I trust your sense of style, so these must be great!

  2. Oooohhh, I would so love to win one. I never seem to win things though. BUT if I do win, I would cherish a black one, size S. They look so comfy!

  3. I love your blog and your idea of being thankful for 31 days. It has helped me power through the last crazy month I have had and realize what is important. I think I am a medium and my email is carolineburk@hotmail.com.
    Thank you!

  4. I wish I were snuggled up in your Diana wrap right now. (in a size XL)

    How much are you selling the laptop and iPad for? I’m in Petaluma and might be interested.

  5. It’s showing that i commented, but I didn’t….couldn’t get it to cooperate πŸ™‚ So, just in case it didn’t work…size Medium. Love these wraps! Beautiful!!!

  6. Thank you so much for the opportunity to wrap up in some Evy’s tree love! This mom of 4 envisions wearing it, while sipping a hot spot of tea, on the front porch while the Georgia fall leaves fall.

    I wear an 8 but think a large is correct for the wrap, if not a medium

  7. I used to live and work in San Francisco. One of my favorite places to shop was Corte Madera!
    I would love a Small, and my email is above. Thank you, Amy!

  8. This wrap is beautiful! I would wear a large. I loved shopping with my Mom too, so many great memories! Thank you for sharing. Congrats on your new laptop.
    cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo dot com

  9. Size M and my email is lana.bible@gmail.com. Please Lord let me win. One Diana wrap has made me want to replace my whole wardrobe with them… And this poor college student can’t do that… Will Diana Wraps be part of the manufactured line?

  10. I’d love to have one in an extra large plaese…they are all so lovely! Love your blog, too…thank you for all of the business advice over the years!

  11. I’m thinking probably a Large….and for this purpose we can say the email is melodybrown3667 @ comcast . net

    Thanks for this and hugs & smiles to you!

  12. I love your wraps. Beautiful, comfortable and chic! I would wear a size Small. Thank you for the opportunity on your generous giveaway.

  13. I LOVE the Diana wrap – but am not sure I could wear it. I have been wanting to purchase one for my daughter-in-laws – but can’t afford two right now. πŸ™‚ Winning one and purchasing one would be a win-win for me. I “think” either of them would wear a medium. My e-mail is msusan54@gmail.com

    Love you, Amy!

  14. Amy, I enjoyed this blog post. It was such fun to shop with you, your Mom & Evy through your words. I too went through the same process of worrying about my Mom spending money on me. Now, I realize how much fun it is to buy something for your child. I have to battle the desire to buy Hudson “trinkets” every time I go to the store! lol Crazy. {especially when you aren’t much of a shopper} Love you, Honey. Your Diana wraps are gorgeous, but I think you make them look stunning when I see pictures of you in them. πŸ™‚


  15. I love Evy’s Tree! I have 2 Diana Wraps, a hoodie for myself and one each for my son and daughter! So glad you are able to carry on with your shop – we love you πŸ™‚

  16. I love these. I ordered my first Evy’s Tree Brillas (matching for my daughter and myself) in August, and I would love to try something new! Size small would be perfect. Thank you for your generosity – I love keeping up with your blog.

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