I’m Shocked…

… That my daughter still has all her limbs in tact. Broken Clavicle? check. Broken foot? Maybe.

Yup, she was jumping on her bed last night after I had laid her down to sleep {she is a ninja, I promise} and somehow injured her foot. When she was still favoring her foot this morning {and considering her recent track record}, I figured I better have her seen.

Thank God it is just bruised and not broken. Not sure I could handle much more. Dear Lord. After our dr visit we had to make a quick trip to Home Depot for some tile and in the second I turned around to grab something from a shelf she was up and dancing away to the music…back to her old antics.

Guess the broken foot scare didn’t bother her too much. Don’t be deceived by her sweet little smile..she is a brute and can definitely take care of herself, she will defend her own honor one day. ha. oh boy. I mean what do you expect from the sister of Jacob Miraflor? 🙂

I am also shocked that I still have this item in the shop:

I adore these little cardigans, Evy wears hers all the time…and we have quite a few left in the shop. I thought for sure they would have flown out of here by now, but no siree. 🙂 Have a little one? Grab this puppy HERE! It’s DARLING!

**I feel this runs true to size. Evy wears a size 3 and the 2 still fits her nicely**

I’m also shocked that this one is still in the shop:

I couldn’t believe it when we were cleaning out the studio last week and I found several of these popular guys hiding in a box. This hoodie is one of our most loved and sold hoodie…it was modeled after the first Brilla I ever made and has been a staple around these parts for quite some time. Here in our first photo shoot ever…

I promise you will love this one, gives a pop of color and fun to any wardrobe. Click HERE to buy.

Have you been to the shop yet? Some cute stuff waiting to be taken home! 🙂 Everything is ready to ship and will leave our studio in 5-7 business days. They make GREAT Christmas gifts {hint, hint :)} Oh and did you get caught up with our manufactured adventure? Click here to do that.

Lastly, I’ve had some questions regarding the 50% off coupon many of your received during the Save Evy’s Tree Campaign. Those are good for our manufacturing items due the beginning of the year, not on any other item in the currently in the shop. There will be specifics dates and guidelines for those, so stay tuned!

Big hugs everyone!


PS, is there anything you’d like to see in the shop? My seamstresses are reading so let them know what items you’d like to see!

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One comment on “I’m Shocked…

  1. Amy I must say I love pictures of your darlings! The one of Evy dancing in the cart is a LOL one! She is growing so fast and a beauty! Well Jacob is so comfortable with all his expressions!! Love you all bunches!!!!! Bonny

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