Kristine in Mesa Rose and the Reece in Stillwater Blue

“The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within; strength, courage, dignity.” Ruby Dee

For this last of our Summer releases, we have taken a step back and looked over the first half of what is certainly one of the most tumultuous years in our collective recent memories. Despite the turmoil in our nation and country, what stands out like a beacon of hope is the perseverance and endurance of the women in our circle and community. We’ve always known that our community of women were particularly special, but these past several months have truly proven that our Evy’s Tree women…customers, family, employees, and friends…are absolute pillars of uncommon strength, indefatigable courage, and inspirational dignity. Despite the seemingly endless barrage of roadblocks, bad news, life-altering and plans-changing issues that continually flood our days, somehow you women manage to rise above it all. No one is perfect, and we certainly don’t expect ourselves (or you) to be so, and therein lies even more beauty; the ability to embrace all of our flaws, differences, mistakes, various bodies, and still shine as overcomers. Together, we will make it ladies! Together, we will thrive.

We are excited to partner with Teresa Swanston Anderson for release of our all-new Kristine in Mesa Rose. This pullover is the ultimate feminine new design, featuring a super soft, medium-weight fabric with a delicate cotton gauze bottom ruffle and a side seam gusset that opens to three tiers of ultra feminine and flirty ruffles. With exaggerated cuffs and a slimming design that makes it ideal for every beautiful body type, the Kristine is a uniquely romantic statement piece that will inspire daydreams about wearing it again from the moment you take it off. Wear the Kristine with your Evy’s Tree Premium Denims, your favorite leggings or shorts, or pair it with a floral pencil or maxi skirt for an evening of summer fun!

In addition to the new Kristine, we’re thrilled to welcome back an Evy’s Tree Classic in an ideal late-summer weight; the Reece in Stillwater Blue. A perennial favorite for all Evy’s Tree loyalists and nearly as popular as the Sophie, the Reece features a super soft lightweight jersey knit making it the ideal seasonally transitional piece. This classic ET hoodie still has the fan-adored romantic, feminine ruffles on the shoulder, a flattering high-low hem, and our favorite…little thumbholes to help keep your hands warm as the seasons change. This hoodie can easily be dressed up or down; wear it over one of our recent dress designs or with your favorite tee and Premium Denim’s. 

The Kristine and Reece are true to size. For exact measurements, please see the size chart in the listing, under the Fit and Care tab. For pictures of these items on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl. Email us for any size questions at Model is @vanessawilkinson. Photography is by Tifani Beecher. Hair/makeup is by Katie

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