Never Give Up

Hello friends!

I’m not sure how many of you read this post, but I haven’t really been able to have an honest post since it….mainly because honesty is sometimes hard to process, if you know what I mean, so usually not something you want to blurt out all the time. And confessing disappointments, whether it be in life, in love or even in faith, is even harder. But lately, I’ve really been thinking about something… I’ve been thinking about the boxing gloves I put on, and how I’m fighting in this life, as I hope you all are. And as I make my way through the good and the bad moments of my week {because there is always good and bad}, I find myself mentally telling myself over and over…

Never Give Up.

I’m a huge pray throughout the day person. I whisper things while I’m working {I’m sure anyone who hears me thinks I’m nuts}, I pray while doing the dishes, I pray while in the shower, combing my hair, getting dressed…I really pray a lot. I feel it lifts my spirit and helps me make it through the day. But one place I pray probably the most is in my car. Usually because, {miraculously} my kids are somewhat quiet in there when I turn the music on…so I often blast worship music, which they love, thank God.

One of my favorites is this one…when it comes on the radio, I get instant tears. I’ll blast this puppy as loud as the kids will let me…and even if they start to get crazy and scream at each other I ignore it while I belt out the words at top volume.

I know, I’m insane, and I’m sure the passing cars think so too. ha. 

But you know, the other day when I was singing the words, I kept thinking about how God’s love NEVER FAILS. It NEVER GIVES UP. And I thought, WOW! If His love doesn’t give up, if He knows where I am at all times, and He BELIEVES in me…then why should I give up?!?

So I guess my point is this: Don’t give up. Because He doesn’t give up on you. Ever. If you are going through something in life right now that you feel has you down, keep your head up high. He loves you and that’s good enough to get you through life.

So don’t give up friends. Because He hasn’t. 


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3 comments on “Never Give Up

  1. Thanks for sharing your post, like you, I am constantly in prayer with my tasks. It helps me get through them. Never give up, He never gives up on you. How do people get by without those uplifting words of confidence? Have a good day. Sisters in Christ.

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