Spring 2013 Photo Shoot, Manufacturing Updates and a GIVEAWAY

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Wow, what a weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know this, but we had a spring photo shoot this Saturday at my house. This photo shoot will be a bit different than the other ones I have done before…we focused on completely new people who are customers of Evy’s Tree. You will see every day people and how they mix Evy’s Tree into their every day lives. I am so excited for you to “Meet Evy’s Tree”.

Our first family to be photoed for the shoot:

On top of beautiful photos by Monika McSweeney, we had David of Daso Photo doing a lifestyle video for us. I am SO excited about this!! You will get to see me talk to you about Evy’s Tree, plus hear from our customer models how they feel about our products. It’s going to be awesome!! Monika and David doing their thing during the photo shoot:

Yes, we will have dog hoodies available this Spring. You’ll love it! 🙂

Evy is such a sweetie…playing in the field during the photo shoot.

Me, after filming for 2+hours. I was SO GLAD it was over. Hopefully it turned out ok…

So let’s talk about Spring 2013 for a second. In case you missed it…

Our handmade line will be available the eve of Feb 13. I think you will love what we have to offer. A couple things I want to cover about the handmade line…

Cost: You will notice a price increase. Unfortunately, price increases seem to be the name of the game world wide at the moment. ugh. boo. Bottom line is this…we want to stay open {and hopefully you feel the same way, hehe} and we can’t manage to stay open if we don’t raise our prices a little. We covered this quite extensively in our Save Evy’s Tree campaign, so I’m sure this isn’t a shocker to most of you. We will still offer promotions and discount codes when we can, so I think you’ll be happy with that.

Availability: Our manufactured goods were supposed to be released the same time as our Spring Handmade line, but there has been a delay {AGAIN. ugh. More info on that in a second}, so that means that only handmade will debut on Feb 13. Unfortunately, since I was expecting to have thousands of pieces of manufactured goods available, I don’t have much handmade to offer. Please note: the quantities of the handmade Spring 2013 are very, very limited. I am going to have to make a trip back down to LA to get some more fabric soon, but for now, this is all we have to offer this month. Just wanted to make you aware of the availability of the handmade line.

Style: This spring line is very streamlined. It is meant to go with EVERYTHING you purchase for Spring this year. Basic colors, stripes, simple. These are all words to describe the handmade. I really wanted Evy’s Tree to fit into your lifestyle, not you have to fit into ours. I think you will love it.

Now that I’ve covered handmade, let’s talk about the manufactured items….First, I think I need to tell you a little bit about why we’re manufacturing {or maybe reiterate, since I think I’ve talked about this some already, so sorry to repeat if so}. We have several main reasons and to be honest, they all are equally the same as far as importance is concerned. I have a post all about the manufacturing process ready to publish for you guys but just waiting for a few more details before I can hit that publish button…but I hope to do so next week sometime and introduce you to many inside details of this transition we are making.

For now, let me say this…manufacturing enables us to make Evy’s Tree not just an “embellished” hoodie company, but a hoodie company that is ahead of the curve with gorgeous colors, luxurious fabrics and outstanding designs. When we embarked on the manufacturing process {i.e. making hoodies from scratch}, we opened up endless possibilities for Evy’s Tree. However, since we are currently NOT a company making items from scratch, but using already made hoodies to embellish, we ran across several problems.

First, we knew we needed to alter the sizing from what we currently have to offer, but doing this proved to be tricky as that meant we needed to make sure what we were producing would fit as many of you as possible. Fittings after fittings and samples after samples later, we now believe we have a good fit that I think you all will love and enjoy. {and yes, we WILL have plus sizes available!! :)}

Second, fabric has always been an issue for us. Up until this point, Evy’s Tree has always been at the mercy of American Apparel {our hoodie supplier} and our fabric suppliers. We had to chose from a very limited source of fabrics that could work for us and create a new item every season. Confession here: this is NOT easy. There are only so many ways you can play with something and then you run out of ideas. This is kinda where Evy’s Tree has landed. We simply have exhausted our idea bank with “embellishing”, especially when American Apparel only offers a handful of colors. It really puts you in a box.

Lastly, quality has always been an issue. While American Apparel’s hoodies are nice, they are by no means high end. With our manufactured items, the fabric will be so wonderful, wash well…basically these will be items you will want to live in. It will be a good reflection of our brand. Currently, we are still working on this. My manufacturers are {get this} weaving the fabric themselves. This is not some fabric that we picked up in a Chinese warehouse. These fabrics are handmade for yours truly. They are going to be AMAZING. We had one round of fabric samples finished before Christmas, but after putting them through a thorough analysis, the fabric did not hold up how I would like it to, so we went back to the drawing board this week and I believe we are very close to finding the fabric that you all will love.

I cannot give you a definite date when these manufactured goods will be here, as every time I give a date, another delay comes up. Since this is my first round of manufacturing, the process is MUCH MUCH longer since we are starting from scratch, but once we get over this hump, our next rounds will be so much quicker. But I will say this, it looks pretty definite these items will NOT be here in time for our Spring release this February. Boo. To those of you who are anxiously awaiting these items. THANK YOU! You are amazing. And those 50% off coupons I passed out during the Save Evy’s Tree campaign last summer…HANG ON TO THEM. They will be valid when the manufactured items get here.

And as I mentioned above, hopefully next week I will have some details to reveal to you and give you more info on our exciting venture, plus introduce you to our manufacturers. In the meantime, will you pray for me? I have to be honest and say this manufacturing process has made me want to dig my head in the sand and stay there. It is NOT easy. ugh. But I really do have confidence once I get over this, it will be so much easier. And I can’t wait until the items get here, they will be GORGEOUS!

WHEW! Thanks for listening! So now that I have THAT out of the way, how about a giveaway??

So many of you loved this wrap on FB, so I thought it would be a good giveaway to kick off spring! Want to win this??

You do? Good!! Here’s how:

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Thanks friends and have fun! xoxo

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92 comments on “Spring 2013 Photo Shoot, Manufacturing Updates and a GIVEAWAY

  1. I can’t wait to see the new goods! Seriously, I’ve been dreaming of them! *weddingbrain* Since I got a whole bunch during the Save Evy’s Tree campaign, I’ve gotten complements every time I wear one and all the girls in my wedding party are not-so-secretly hoping that is what I’ll be getting them for thank you gifts 😉

  2. I totally shared on FB and Pinterest! I SOOOOOOO want to win it! It is absolutely gorgeous!

    I can’t wait to see the “Meet Evy’s Tree”! I love how personal that will be! It’s awesome when you are contemplating purchasing a product and you can read and see real everyday people using it and talking about why they love it. That was such a great idea.

    I hope now the manufacturing process starts to get easier! I am so looking forward to their release! Yay!!!!

  3. Hi Amy-
    I work in the apparel industry for a large retailer/manufacturer. I just wanted to applaud you for manufacturing your own goods! It is a huge undertaking for a small business. I don’t even know you, but am super proud of you! Keep your head down and you’ll get through this!!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful Opportunity to swim such a beautiful piece of art! Love this:) Shared and posted Facebook and doing Pinterest! Post

  5. Love giveaways! Especially when the items are as cute and functional as EvysTree’s! Liked, commented and shared on Facebook! Twittered and Pinterested, too! 🙂

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