Thank You {and} Coming Tomorrow

Oh you guys. You blow my mind. All your kindness and love you showed me after I bore my heart a little yesterday… you’re awesome. Yesterday’s post was one of the most viewed posts of all year, so I guess it’s pretty safe to say you guys don’t mind an honest post every now and then. {whew} Guess that just means I have to be brave and fess up every now and then. 😉

So thank you everyone for being so great. We’re in this together and I’m glad that we can encourage each other. Love you guys.

With that said, I wanted to tell everyone that one of the most asked about hoodie is coming back tomorrow. The Giraffe Brilla with a lovely Mrs Darcy Brooch will be available Thursday night {tomorrow}, March 7, at 6 PM PST.

I get countless requests for this one and so very many people have pinned this one on pinterest, too. I know, it’s pretty awesome! 🙂 So here’s how this is going to work….

We are going to try something new. I want to make sure everyone gets what size they want, so tomorrow night once the hoodie is live:

1. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET THE ITEM IN YOUR CART!! And then once you are popped over to paypal, there is a note to seller section…

2. WRITE THE SIZE YOU DESIRE in the notes to seller. Our sizes are listed in the listing, so make sure you study it tomorrow before they go live and you know what size you want.

I’m hoping this gives everyone a chance to snag one. I don’t have unlimited amounts, but I do have quite a few so we should be able to cover most of you. Just don’t hate me if it sells out faster than I think!! 🙁

Lastly…do you get our email blasts? Because there will be a discount code sent out tomorrow morning, so make sure you subscribe! If you don’t subscribe head over here


And find where it says “Get the Evy’s Tree Newsletter” and enter in your info. Wahlah! that’s it! 🙂

Big hugs friends, see you tomorrow! xoxo

PS…can you pin this one?? 🙂 Thank you!

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5 comments on “Thank You {and} Coming Tomorrow

  1. Pinned and I so love it!!!!!!!! I realized this is one I pinned 40 weeks ago….THAT’S PRACTICALLY ALMOST A YEAR!!!!! Ahahaha – it’s so beyond cute! I LOVE IT!

  2. Amy…I received my Evys Tree items today and LOVE them. Thank you, thank you!! This one is perfect for my little boys ball team colors. He just started his very first baseball practice and I can’t wait for this brilla so I can be the cool mama in the bleachers!

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