Jolene Tunic in Cream with Gold Embroidery

We love color, but Amy’s long time fashion aesthetic has always been neutrals. Neutrals that are basic and that can be worn interchangeably, stretching and extending ones wardrobe through multiple seasons. But she’s a firm believer in clothes that are interesting visually and easy to live in (who has time to iron?), as well as simply being comfortable to wear. You can see throughout the Evy’s Tree releases that these beliefs prevail; practicality married to variety…a combination of fashion-forward and trendy pieces that coordinate well with each other and yet challenge you to push the envelope a bit and stretch your boundaries in a fun way. We hear so many of you saying that you’ve decided to try certain ET items, and now find yourself wearing styles or colors that you ordinarily wouldn’t, and you love it! In addition, it makes us smile to see multi-generational family love for Evy’s Tree as grandmothers, moms and daughters all find clothing to wear and enjoy from our company. Twinning with a hormonal preteen as a bonding experience? Yes, please!

We wanted to bring you a body flattering tunic in a neutral color, but with some of the gorgeous embroidery that we have been seeing in our luxury statement pieces recently. With that in mind, meet the Jolene Tunic in Cream with Gold Embroidery. The Jolene is a beautiful, boho-inspired high-low tunic featuring a full, flattering peplum skirt, ¾ full sleeves with elastic and ruffle features, a lay-flat mandarin collar and open seam neck with extra long twisted cords finished with gold tassels. The body and sleeves of the Jolene feature beautiful, intricate gold embroidery making it rich, modern and luxurious without sacrificing comfort. With a comfortable body in 100% cotton, this is light enough for your entire summer season but is structured to be a slightly upgraded feel. Wear your Jolene with any of our Premium Denims or your favorite leggings. 

This piece is considered true to size. For exact measurements, please see the size chart in the listing, under the Fit and Care tab. For pictures of our items on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl. Direct specific size inquiries to: Model: Vanessa. Photography: Tifani Beecher. Hair/makeup: Katie 

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