Happy Decade, Evy’s Tree! Inspiring Words from Customers…

Evy’s Tree is so honored and thrilled to have made so many meaningful connections among our vast customer base. We have laughed, cried, prayed, and sipped wine with so many of you, either virtually, when you’ve swung by our shop, or during our local meet and greets or girls nights. We’ve been able to hire some of you, feature you and your stories on our social media, and share the ups and downs of life with you. Are we crazy because we feel like we know so many of our wonderful ladies who shop with us? Maybe…but that’s exactly the kind of community that Amy wanted to create when she began Evy’s Tree. We are more than just women who conduct business transactions; we are women who share car-line woes, medical diagnoses, wildfire scares, countless messy closet, classroom, pre-job interview or bathtub selfies in our Evy’s Tree hoodies, and we simply love our connections to you. Over the last decade you’ve worn Evy’s Tree at the hospital bedsides of loved ones, to exploring all over the world, as you faced sad moments and girls nights and church services and family reunions…thank you for including us on your life journey!

Here are a few of the inspiring testimonies that you’ve shared with us…enjoy and be inspired!

TRISTA PARK @thetristapark

“I am thrilled to be celebrating the Evy’s Tree ten year birthday! What a huge milestone, an entire decade of pouring all of your heart and soul, countless hours of sweat and tears, into your company. To see that hard work come to fruition and having so many dedicated customers cheering you on in the journey must bring you so much joy!

I became an Evy’s Tree customer nearly 5 years ago. I discovered the company on Instagram through the post of a friend and was instantly hooked. I purchased the Jennifer Shrug in Olive which was quickly followed by a gorgeous green Sophie. The hoodies felt incredibly luxurious, comfortable, yet fashionable. While on a trip to Disneyland with my sister, I was sharing about my new love for Evy’s Tree when we ran into none other than Amy Miraflor. I was shocked as my sister appeared to know her family personally. It was wonderful to put an actual face to the company, to meet the hard working mama who was paving the way in this business I was growing to love. From that moment, it became even more personal to me as we chatted about our families and the connections amongst us. 

Fast forward a year and a handful of hoodies later, my husband and I found ourselves in the midst of life’s harder moments as our third daughter faced 2 major heart surgeries shortly after she was born. It was a grueling 2 month period of hospital life for our family as we faced so much unknown and watched our baby fight for her life. We found out about her heart defects and Down syndrome diagnosis during the pregnancy, but still felt unprepared as we journeyed into the medical world. She entered the world fighting and has shown her great strength through everything she has endured. She has been one of the greatest gifts in my life and has brought me into another amazing community of people whom I dearly love.

A few months following our two month hospital stay, I was in the local shop with Bernadette and my other two daughters and was asked if I was interested in modeling for the IRL photos. It became my weekly break from medical appointments and therapies. I loved getting to try on all of the beautiful creations. The excuse to get out of the house with makeup on and my hair curled was the added bonus!

Bernadette’s last surgery was over a year ago. Minor compared to what she had been through thus far. She had her adenoids removed due to severe sleep apnea and ear tubes placed. I remember walking into the hospital with her and my husband the morning of her surgery. The warmth of the Tessa in Black wrapped around me like a big hug inside the cold and dark hospital walls. It was a hard situation to walk into but I knew God was with us and would carry us every step of the way. That was over a year ago! Bernadette is continuing to thrive. She started preschool with her peers in a full-inclusion setting and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Life hasn’t been without its trials, but I have trusted that God will bring greater purpose through it. All that I have walked through with Bernadette, all of the highs and lows, have given me such a greater perspective that I for one, did not have prior to her. She has opened my heart up in ways I never expected and to be her mom is one of my greatest joys in life. 

All the lovely people that work at Evy’s Tree always ask me how she and her sisters are doing, remembering so many details about her history and her latest milestones. They have encouraged my heart in deep ways during the hard and difficult seasons we have faced over the past few years with hugs and smiles. 

Happy birthday, Evy’s Tree! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this journey as your customer, friend, and IRL model. I am excited to see where 2020 takes you and will be cheering alongside you all the way. Thank you for making adorable and luxurious pieces that add such variety to my wardrobe making me feel stylish and fashionable even while chasing my three girls around all day long.”


JILL BURROWS @ian.jillyb

“My first Evy’s Tree purchase was the original orange Lizzy (not the quilted one, I think circa 2013?). I found Evy’s Tree through Melissa from Grace and Lace! 

Our adoption story is very different because we never actually intended on adopting…funny how God does that! We have two biological children and agreed that we were done growing our family. In Feb of 2017, the four of us decided to do a big scary thing and say yes to becoming a foster family. Our goal in this fostering journey was to temporarily provide a safe and loving home for children who didn’t have one, with hopes of being able to come alongside their parents to help them do the work needed to build a life raising their own children. But, God’s plans are always bigger. Two weeks before officially receiving our foster care license, we were given the opportunity to provide respite care (an approved overnight sitter for foster children) for two sisters. We excitedly said yes, knowing this would be a great little taste of what fostering is about. And then the caseworker dropped the bomb and our world exploded. She said, ‘Oh and by the way, these girls are going to be adoptable soon and they’d be a PERFECT fit for your family.’ Wait. What??? 

It only took one look into their big beautiful brown eyes and I knew they were our girls. After passing through five different foster homes, they longed for a woman they could call mama forever, a family they could call theirs. I could see the pain of their situation in the way they looked at me with so much hope. God knew. He knew we weren’t beginning this journey into foster care only to foster. He had a bigger and better plan for us. In August of 2018, our family of four officially became a family of six. To be honest, it’s been a lot harder than I could ever have imagined. Through this journey, I have had to go through a lot of pruning and peeling back of my ugly layers to allow God to mold me into the best version of me. And while this journey has been the hardest for all of us, it has also been the most rewarding, and full of so much of God’s grace and beauty within all the brokenness. A real life story of how God makes beauty from ashes, and that has made it all worth it. With God, we truly CAN do scary things.

WOW!! Ten years?!?! A full decade of inspiring women and making them feel confident and beautiful and comfortable! Well done Amy & the Evys Tree team!! Keep changing the world and doing scary things! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Eat some cake for me mmmkay?? 🙂 “



“I bought my first Evy’s Tree piece, a Sophie, in February 2015. I joined a few boutique Facebook groups to find cute clothes for my girls. A lot of the mamas wore Evy’s Tree with their outfits, and that is how my addiction began.

I am a Mom to 4 great kids, ages 13, 12, 10, and 7. My oldest son was adopted but I am certain that he was hand picked by God to be the big brother for my group. My oldest daughter has Muscular Dystrophy and epilepsy and all of the special needs associated with those diseases, and my youngest daughter is a cancer survivor. My other son is the happy-go-lucky, all boy child that we needed. I have discovered that Evy’s Tree is more of a community than just a brand. My life has always been an open book and I feel that sharing my accomplishments and struggles might help someone else in the same position. Somedays, I feel like I’ve got this and on others I need a little encouragement. I’ve made many online friends associated with ET and have formed a great support system that I love as much as the actual clothes.

 My birthday wish is for Evy’s Tree to continue to grow with Amy’s leadership and vision so that I can continue to look cute in comfortable clothes.”


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