Summer Natalies are Back!

Natalie is back! This hoodie style was a result of constant pleading by our wonderful customers who live in boiling hot areas. It first appeared in the Evy’s Tree world at the end of spring 2015 – just in time for summer. The two initial colors were Sand and Black; they were super lightweight, ultra high end luxe and soft neutral zip ups.  This was the ideal hoodie for hot climates and for those just wanting a tissue thin hoodie to throw on while walking in and out of cool air conditioned buildings. The slub fabric was sheer and super soft. Plus, we added ruching to the sides to make this piece work for everyone, because as we all know, ruching covers a multitude of sins. We also added ties to the bottom to allow different torsos to adjust the lengths as necessary.

Natalie in Black



Natalie in Sand



The Natalies were quickly best sellers; the neutral tones making them instant wardrobe staples that could be worn over anything from sleeveless dresses to casual tanks. And now we are so happy to see the return of Natalie; this time in perfect Summer 2016 colors!

Natalie in Peony





Natalie in Robins Egg Blue





What is the same?

The 2016 Natalies are still a light weight layering hoodie, with double ruched sides, zipper, and hood.

What is different?

The new Natalies are actually in a material that has never been used in Evy’s Tree pieces before; we changed the fabric to a lightweight, super soft poly blend with fun specks in the fabric, giving this hoodie a great texture that will go with everything. Can we stress once again how SOFT this is? The teeny black specks are a super fun design element, and the fabric feels slightly more sturdy than the previous Natalies.

Veronica showing how the Natalie can work even for a baby bump! She is wearing a Large and Rose is wearing Small.


Harmony in XL (left) and 1X (right); she prefers to stay in the 1X for the Natalie. She is sizing up since the sleeves are slightly snug in the wrists, and also because this is designed to be layered over your clothes. The double-ruched sides provide an easy way to customize the fit for your body.


Jessica wearing an XL Peony Natalie


Birgit in the XS Peony; jazzing it up with some heels!


Natalie Color Comparison; left to right, Ashley in Dusty Rose, Natalie Peony, and the Orchid Sophie

L-R_Ashley_Natalie_Sophie (1)

Natalie Color Comparison; left to right, Janelle in Water, Natalie in Robins Egg Blue, and Pamela Dip Dye in Teal

L-R_Janelle_Natalie_Pamela (1)

The Natalie is considered true to size; however sizing up in as option that many may prefer. The fit itself is pretty loose, but the wrists are snug. Also, this piece is designed to be layered over your clothes, so sizing up will provide some space to do so comfortably. The double-ruched sides allow for adjustment to perfectly fit your body.

Professional photography by (@DASOphoto on Instagram). Our model is Nora, she is 5’7″, wearing an XS, and her hair/makeup is by Rachel Gardea (@rachelgardeahair on IG).

All accessory details are in this listing and this listing. For complete sizing suggestions and measurements please see the Sizing Chart (under the Fit and Care tab in the listing).

The Natalie in Peony/Robins Egg Blue is LIVE and available for sale on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 10:30 am PST. The Natalies will begin to ship on March 28. Let us know if you have any questions!

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