Welcome Back Ashley…in Dusty Rose!

The Evolution of the Ashley

The Ashley Stripe debuted in Spring 2015 just in time for the beginning of baseball season. It featured fun navy blue and white stripes on a wonderfully soft cotton french terry, big blue buttons cascading down the front and was completed with a contrasting grey hood and slouchy elbow patches, all finished with a bright red stitching as a nod to our handmade days when we used to complete all our hoodies with fun stitching. With its slouchy, boxy fit, the Ashley quickly became a popular comfort piece!

Just a few months later, in Fall 2015, the Ashley returned in Burnt Sienna. We put the stripes in the hood and on the elbow patches and then we made the body a beautiful heather Sienna color, the most perfect shade of Fall goodness!  There were big sienna buttons cascading down the front, and this warm, cozy hoodie was an instant hit for many harvest, Halloween, and Thanksgiving festivities.

And now…the Ashley in Dusty Rose is here!

What is the same? The slouchy, boxy fit, the striped hood (the stripes are on both the inside and the outside), the adorable striped elbow patches, medium-sized side pockets, and the large buttons (soft grey). What is new? This sweet dusty rose color; such a perfect compliment to the grey stripes, and wonderful spring hue. This 100% cotton hoodie is soft, slightly stretchy, and it is easily washed in cold with like colors. Personal note here: I adore this hoodie for traveling! It gets tossed into the car or my bag for trips, and since it barely wrinkles, it looks great when I pull it out for cold airplane or car rides!

The Ashley in Dusty Rose is true to size, but with the boxier design, sizing up may be an option for those women with longer torsos or who wish to have a little extra length. Most people are happy with their normal size.

Harmony – she is 5’7 and normally wears XL in Evy’s Tree- Large on the left & XL on the right

Laura – 5’3 – XS

Jessica on the left in a Large & Consuelo on the right in an XL

Castine – 5/2 – XS

Color Comparison (left to right): Lisa in Grape, Sophie in Orchid, Ashley in Dusty Rose, and the Original Addyson Wrap Sash

Professional photography by http://www.dasophoto.com/ (@DASOphoto on Instagram). Our model is Nora and her hair/makeup is by Rachel Gardea (@rachelgardeahair on IG).

All accessory details are in our listing. For complete sizing suggestions and measurements please see the Sizing Chart (under the Fit and Care tab in the listing).

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13 comments on “Welcome Back Ashley…in Dusty Rose!

      • I think you better double check that because in the pic above the Addison wrap in on the far left and the Lisa in grape in on the far right. Maybe the pic got downloaded backward?

        • You are right, on the desktop the picture is correct but when viewed on a phone, the picture is flipped. So odd! We will look in to this, thank you for letting us know!

  1. So it looks like the gray stripes go all the way through the hood unlike the sienna one. I really like that! A lovely color combo!

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