Bo-Ho-mesteading for the 2020 Evy’s Tree Woman. Also, Olivia in Iguana and the Lindsay Shirt in Golden Stripe

I can.

I will.

End of story.

Maybe it’s time to stop wishing for the ‘normal’ times to return, and to accept that this is our new normal reality. Things have changed, and life has experienced a tectonic shift literally overnight. We didn’t know it was coming, we were caught off-guard, and most of these shifts have occurred with us kicking and screaming the entire way. But through the kicks, screams, and frustration something phenomenal has happened; our strength has come roaring out and we’ve discovered an inner steel we had no idea existed within our souls. Like our mothers, grandmothers, and ancestral mothers, we’ve found that we CAN do difficult things beyond anything we previously imagined. We are having to pave a new way, re-learn old traditions and make new ones. We are pushing ourselves beyond what we believed were our outer emotional limits, and somehow…we are making it all happen. School, work, home, mental health, social responsibility, spiritual connectivity…check off those boxes, sister! No, they may not all be done perfectly but if you do your best every day, you’ve done enough. Accept the best efforts you can give and allow yourself grace to let go of the previous idea of perfection. We are modern homesteaders, and we get to choose the way that it will go from here.

What is a homestead? It is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency not defined by WHERE someone lives but by the lifestyle choices they make. In our modern world of 2020, we can define it as a sort of “BoHo”mestead – pioneering a free spirited lifestyle of self sufficiency, or creating new rhythms to the day and meaning to our lives. Intentionally getting more connected spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Is it easy? No. Can we do it? Of course.

We’ve compiled some simple tips for this season of life in the hope that you will find encouragement, motivation, and inspiration!

Buy clothes appropriate for the situation. This includes back to school clothes/work clothes even if school & work are happening at the dining table. Get dressed every day. Have ‘work/school/teacher’ clothes and then make a point to change into ‘after work/play’ comfy clothes. These visual bookends to school/work will help you and the kids compartmentalize the day.
Create breaks in the day; start your mornings with a ‘walk to school / commute to work’ with your kids before you get started and after you’re done, further bookending the school and work day. If weather allows, always do recess outdoors for fresh air, sunshine, and an appreciation of nature. Find a streaming station specifically for studying such as classical music, and play in the background during quieter self-work lessons. Let family and friends know that personal emails/voicemails/texts will be ignored until the end of school.
Unplug and notice what’s going on around you.
Take your shoes off and get grounded. 

With all of these changing times at the forefront of our mind, Evy’s Tree is excited to bring you some pieces this week that are perfect to help you get started fresh each day while feeling comfortable. These are very grounding, essential, autumnal color tones and styles and we know you’ll love them as much as we do!

The Olivia is back in one of this year’s hottest colors, Iguana! The Olivia is unmistakably Evy’s Tree; a uniquely feminine yet strong design, with a soft and cozy feeling, all zipped into one. The Olivia is an easy fit, zip-front cardigan with a unique lace overlay on the front panels and super soft sleeves, back and cuffs. This fabric is uber luxe and cozy, yet lightweight enough to wear through these late summer months. The Olivia in Iguana is easily matched to your late summer-fall wardrobe, and perfect with our Premium Denim, and over the Lindsay in Golden Stripe. 

(L to R) Olivia in Iguana, Camo Olivia, Nicole in Olive and Belen in Green

In addition to the darling Olivia in Iguana, we’re so excited to bring back another best-seller in the ultimate pre-fall color combo; the Lindsay Shirt in Golden Stripe! This perfect ‘wear now or wear later’ top is another ideal summer-to-fall transitional piece, and the super soft 100% rayon fabric is perfect for comfort and ease of wear in any temperatures. The Lindsay features a figure-flattering box pleat in the back, practical front pockets with alternating stripe, adorable capped dolman sleeves, and our popular high-low hem making it perfect, no matter how you choose to wear it. The Lindsay is your favorite tee shirt elevated a tad, and is just as comfy and versatile, designed to coordinate easily with what’s in your closet! It can be worn over leggings, tucked casually into your favorite pair of jeans, tied at the waist, and paired with the Olivia in Iguana!

The Olivia and Lindsay are considered true to size. For exact measurements, please see the size chart in the listing, under the Fit and Care tab. For pictures of our items on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl. Email us for any size questions at Model is @vanessawilkinson. Photography is by Tifani Beecher. Hair/makeup is by Katie

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