Hazel in Ocean, Lauren Poncho in Candy Apple, and ‘Kind is Cool’ Graphic Tee

“I have decided to stick with love.

Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.ย 


In our world today, it’s too easy to focus on what is wrong, and who is wrong, and why they’re wrong. As a society, we live our life under the microscope of public scrutiny via social media; our worst moments and days are magnified while our best are often minimalized. People love to point out our mistakes, our shortcomings, and everything from our grammatical typos, messy homes, parenting differences, to our sometimes poor judgment in fashion or friends. It takes maturity to realize that in pointing fingers at others, we are often accidentally showcasing our own failures. A wise person once commented that we usually point out failures in others because we recognize and suffer from the same shortcomings. Perhaps the answer here is simple: more grace. By offering grace to others, we give them a chance to be imperfect, to be fellow travelers on this bumpy and confusing road of life. We can recognize that none of us have it all together, and we all need each other to extend hands of mercy instead of pointing fingers in judgement. And by extending grace to those around us, we should never forget to extend grace to ourselves. Choose kindness, friends. Kindness above all. Love above all. Mercy before condemnation. And in doing so, we all may experience redemption.

We are happy to bring you a new graphic tee, perfecto for the Evy’s Tree summer collection. With the same body and fit as our Be the Light, Do Scary Things and Faith Over Fear graphic tees, this new tee features an on-trend primary color rainbow and text design. We chose the rainbow because it is the universal and timeless symbol of hope. It is true to size and designed to coordinate seamlessly with the new Hazel in Ocean, Premium Denim Flares, or any of your favorite Evy’s Tree cardigans and hoodies.

An all-new design and meant for warm-weather climates, the new Hazel in Ocean is a light summer weight, zippered front cardigan. Featuring a beautiful detail and a sweet mandarin collar, welt pockets and a velvet twill tape finish, the Hazel has a super soft texture in a breathable material that provides comfort from hot outside temps to cooler air conditioned rooms. The Hazel in Ocean is true to size, and incredibly versatile as a lovely finish over a simple summer dress or skirt, or with a cute graphic tee and your favorite Premium Denims.

Lastly in our Kind is Cool collection is the Lauren Poncho in Candy Apple. This is an absolutely adorable poncho that is ideal for your summer activities, from beach to brunch and beyond. It’s a funky, flirty, and fabulous open-knit triangle classic poncho in an updated color and cut. As a functional statement piece it can be kept in your car and pulled out to complete anything you wear this summer!


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