The Nicole in Navy and Red Stripe

“The great and admirable strength of America consists in this, that America is truly the American people.”

~ Jacques Maritain

America the beautiful. America the strong. America the brave. There are many superlatives that we use to describe this country of ours, but inevitably they all point back to that one undeniably valuable and inexpressibly strong resource that is the absolute backbone of this country; its people. Through wars, pandemics, depressions, recessions, attacks, controversies, technological advances, musical differences, and those sometimes questionable fashion choices or hair style trends that pop up in every decade, somehow we manage to forge our way through difficulties and come out on the other side. We at Evy’s Tree has been astounded at the positive and uplifting stories and images that you have shared on our social media platforms, stories of how you are not only surviving, but thriving during this time. Your kindness, compassion, generosity, and resiliency transcends political, religious, and geographical differences. Over and over again it has reminded us that what makes America strong is its flesh and blood people. We are immensely proud that many of America’s best are part of our ET community; including first responders, military, teachers, retail store employees, delivery drivers, hospital staff, and the moms and dads juggling everything at home. For those of you so tired that you can’t stand anymore, so stressed that you weep at night, so bored that you’re going crazy, so tired of schooling and masks and restrictions and zoom meetings that you feel like you can’t breath anymore…we see you. We are inspired by you. We celebrate YOU, the backbone, heartbeat, pulse, and very DNA that makes America strong. We will get through this, because of YOU.

In celebration and recognition of this soul of America, we are so excited to bring you not only one of our all-time most popular pieces, but also in its first ever printed designs; meet the Nicole in Navy and Red Stripe! So perfectly timed for beach evenings, July 4th BBQs, cold theater dates, cool nights watching sports, or simply wrapping up snugly with loved ones this summer, this gorgeous striped Nicole is eye-catching and comfortable like only the Nicole can be. The striped Nicole is the same great fit as previous Nicoles, with a uber soft brushed interior, matching self-cuff sleeves, woven drawstrings and hood, and slightly eclectic alternating stripes that are a funky and fun nod to both nautical-minded and the most patriotic spirits. It can be worn as a beach or pool cover up, over denim shorts and tank, and even with Skinnies, denim skirt, or a cute summer dress on summer party nights.

This Nicole is considered true to size and made to be worn over simple items like tanks or tees with fitted arms. If you’d like to have more space for layering over heavier items or just wish to have more space in the arms and shoulders, you might consider sizing up. Please refer to the measurements and size chart in the listing to ensure that you order your optimal fit. If you have additional sizing questions, email us at

Model is @vanessawilkinson. For pictures of these items on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl.
Professional photography by (@DASOphoto on Instagram). Hair/makeup is by Katie

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