Noel in Winter Pink + Mandy in Peacock Blue

Tough times traditionally bring about similar results; we slow down, look around at what we have with a thankful heart, and even embrace some things from the ‘good old days’ with happy nostalgia. We tend to think back of earlier times when things weren’t as difficult…or perhaps when things were also challenging, but we can see how we survived (and sometimes thrived during) those days. The carefree days of our childhood before we comprehended adult worries, the peaceful feelings of being in your grandparents home looking at the feed store or Coca-Cola calendar on the wall, exploring the inevitable collections of knick-knacks adorning shelves or a table…usually there was a candy dish of glass and sticky hard candy of a dubious age residing within it, always making you wonder if you should brave the dust and eat the candy. What is up with all of our grandparents having candy dishes? 2020 has been a strange year, and one phenomenon that has blossomed has been that nostalgic pull to simple, fun things of older times, but in an updated and modern vibe. The house dress fashion trend has swept the globe, as an example, and we love the various twists on this ‘old’ fad! In addition, vintage holiday colors have been recently embraced, from tree trimming to Valentines Day with a touch of whimsical vintage kitsch. We are all in when it comes to these styles and the movement to recreate things that brought us (and our mothers and grandmothers) joy in earlier times. Even as some of us can’t be physically together this holiday season, we hope these ‘throwback’ colors and fashions bring you continued comfort, calm, and happiness.

Introducing the most festive pullover of the year; the Noel in Winter Pink is here to inspire whimsy and nostalgia while keeping you warm and cozy all winter long. The Noel is an ultra comfy hoodie with three eccentric rows of bi-color pink poms in a chevron pattern, gathered sleeve caps with a slight bloussant cuff for a trendy and fun silhouette, and hidden handy side pockets. The Noel is inspired by vintage holidays at home, tinsel and trim, and the shade of pink that will have you feeling festive from Christmas to Valentines and all-year-long!

In addition to the Noel, meet another new style for Evy’s Tree, a tunic dress designed to get you from this holiday through the next, the Mandy in Peacock Blue! The Mandy is a super warm and cozy dress designed to be worn layered now or worn alone once the cold winter starts to melt away. This is truly an any occasion dress with a quaint vintage silhouette in a classic whimsical color. The Mandy features a mock turtleneck, bloussant sleeves, pockets and super soft cozy fabric. For a dressy truly on-trend Holiday, wear the Mandy with the Ivy Faux Fur Vest or Black Faux Leather Leggings, or dress it down with denims or fun colored tights! No matter how you wear it, you’re sure to be merry and bright!

These pieces are considered true to size. For exact measurements, please see the size chart in the listing, under the Fit and Care tab. For pictures of our items on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl. Email us for any size questions at Model is @vanessawilkinson. Photography is by Tifani Beecher. Hair/makeup is by Katie

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