The Pacific Collection; the Bernadette in Sand and Jenevieve in Pacific

Let the waves hit your feet

and the sand be your seat…

“I like long walks on the beach…” many of us like to say. The idea of walking away from everything, even temporarily, is beyond appealing! The chance to let our bare feet dig into the sand, as we sip a drink and feel the wind tousle our hair. There is something about heaving those never-stopping ocean waves…of standing dwarfed before something so much bigger and mightier than us…that has a way of calming our souls. All of our worries and problems shrink a little, and we can find our breath again, knowing that the world will keep turning and the waves will keep coming, despite our failures or losses. Here in California, we are never too far from this visceral reminder of our small humanity, and we often seize the opportunity to set our troubles down and head west for the Pacific. Whether we are able to spread out a blanket and spend the day, or just stroll along the shore after a nice dinner or date, the Pacific Ocean provides healing just by its smell, sound, and sight. We know that not everyone has a chance to run down to the ocean very often, so we wanted to bring a little bit of that Pacific Ocean vibe to you this week! Inspired by the ‘calm in our chaos’ that the Ocean brings us, the Jenevieve Dress in Pacific and Bernadette in Sand will hopefully lift your spirits in the same way.

The Jenevieve Dress has taken off its sleeves and returned for summer in an invigorating hue that matches a shade of the deepest parts of the ocean. Like before, the Jenevieve Dress is our popular Layering Leaves wardrobe staple, made into a dress and designed to function as the ultimate layering dress from summer to fall and beyond. Being sleeveless, it is perfection for those in hot climates, while allowing simple and seamless layering that takes this dress from busy day to fun nights. The Jenevieve is flattering for every body type with a double layer of rayon/spandex knit fabric, plus a fit-adjusting side ruching drawstring allowing the dress to be made longer or shorter for your personal customization preference. The Jenevieve in Ocean will pair perfectly with many of our past and current Evy’s Tree cardigans or hoodies.

And for those dreaming of toes in the sand, warm drink in hand, a good book beside you and a comfortable sweater to wrap yourself in…meet the new Bernadette in Sand! This Bernadette is the chunky, modernized version of Mr. Roger, your grandpa, or your dads sweater but made exactly for you. Another great addition to the Evy’s Tree luxury hoodie family, this 100% cotton knit cardigan features oversized wooden buttons, a breathable open knit design that carries over into the hood, and ribbed bands and cuffs that will all hold its shape no matter how often you wear it between laundering. The Bernadette in Sand is that perfect neutral color and go-to cardigan style that will compliment your new Jenevieve Dress, Trista Tank, graphic tee, or any of your Evy’s Tree Denims for seasons to come.

The Jenevieve Dress is considered true to size. The Bernadette is made to be ‘oversized’ and loose; for a more snug fit consider sizing down. For exact measurements, please see the size chart in the listing, under the Fit and Care tab. Email us for any size questions at Model is @vanessawilkinson. For pictures of these items on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl.
Photography is by Tifani Beecher. Hair/makeup is by Katie

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