Ruffle Tank in Gray and Jogger Shorts in Black

It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos. ~ Donna Karan

To state the obvious, we are living in a disruptive, confusing, frustrating, chaotic time in both our personal lives and that of our nation and the entire world. This unprecedented pandemic and the resulting closures and shutdowns have undoubtably created a toxic cloud of anxiety and stress that threatens to invade our peace of mind and that of our homes. All of us are working to fight off the oppressive ‘gloom and doom’, and hopefully you are finding success in your endeavors to instill positivity and calm into yourself and those around you. Whether you are delving deeper into a meaningful spirituality to find comfort and strength, finding new hobbies or picking up old ones, or escaping into nature, we all need that physical or mental place of safety and rejuvenation. If at all possible, we love the idea of creating a ‘Zen Den’ in your home…whether it can be an entire room, a porch, closet, garden, or just a small corner of quiet that you can seize and turn into your own little space of tranquility. Set it up in colors or artwork that make you smile. Yank pictures from magazines that bring you happiness and glue them to a piece of cardboard to create a mood board. Turn off the news after catching the main headlines! Pull up calming sounds such as this (or something similar such as audible Psalms reading) for a peaceful soundtrack. Brew some herbal tea, stuff your space with lots of pillows, a favorite quilt, house plants, anything that facilitates a calming environment.

Here at Evy’s Tree, we are rejoicing in the community of women that we have formed over the years because we find such happiness in being connected to you. Amy has enjoyed increasing her informal ‘live’ videos on our FB Insider Group as a way to stay personally connected, and all of the ET employees love scrolling through the posts there to see what you are wearing and doing during this time. You make us laugh, nod our heads in agreement, cry a little, and you inspire us with what you are managing to do. The strength, flexibility, resiliency and encouragement flowing from the ET community is phenomenal and we hope you’re enjoying it too!

This week we want to bring you a set of clothes ideal for the upcoming warmer weather, while keeping in mind that low-key comfort is still the priority for our current wardrobes. Our first ever pair of Jogger shorts is here, and in the classic neutral black that will go with everything. In the same perfect fit as our usual Joggers pants, these feature a rolled cuff, a longer inseam, slightly brushed interior, woven drawstring, and useful two front pockets and a single back pocket. These are your ultimate go-to warm weather essential shorts…a luxury comfort-wear item for your closet.

In addition to these shorts, we are thrilled to bring you a new, adorable, wardrobe basic neutral, warm-weather Ruffle Tank in Grey. The Ruffle Tank takes our basics line up a notch; this is a comfortable classic tank that you’ll want to wear every day. It is in the Evy’s Tree favorite fabric, that super soft slub knit, and features asymmetric merrowed-edge ruffles, wide shoulders, a unique front seaming and a loose comfortable fit that is perfect for either layering under an Evy’s Tree hoodie/cardigan, or wearing alone during higher summer temps.


The Joggers are considered true to size. The Ruffle Tank is a looser fit than our usual tops; ladies with larger chests could stay in their normal size for a comfortable fit. Ladies with smaller chests or those desiring a slightly more fitted feel should size down. 

Please refer to the listing on our website for exact body measurements.
Model is Helen BystrovaFor pictures on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl.
Professional photography by (@DASOphoto on Instagram). Hair/makeup is by Katie

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