Sister(and brother)hood of the Traveling Graphic Tee! Evy’s Tree Staff Shares How They Are Choosing JOY During the Chaos of 2020

Our newest graphic tee boldly challenges both the wearer and the reader to deliberately and consciously choose joy. The timing of this release struck all of us as uncannily perfect; the week of the last presidential debate, the eighth month of our country being locked down in various degrees due to an unprecedented global pandemic, a devastating fire season in our area, and Day Several Hundred It Seems of schooling at home for thousands of reluctant parents-turned-teachers. Anyone else feel like this year is beyond even the imaginative reaches of the most outlandish movie screenwriter? It’s to the point that when any crazy thing hits the news, it’s nearly laughable. Our overstressed minds and emotions just can’t process more crazy. We are with you. Along with so many of you, we have consciously decided that come what may, we are choosing to focus on the positive. Our future selves and our kids will look back at these times with a sense of incredulity and awe at how we weathered this historic season of life, and how great it will be to tell them that we were able to face down our troubles by holding tightly to the wonderful, the good, the blessings, the bright and beautiful things that were so vividly revealed to us during this year!

To visually and emotionally unite all of us, the Evy’s Tree staff decided to share our gorgeous CHOOSE JOY graphic tee even while distanced physically. We wanted to pause, verbalize our personal CHOOSE JOY thoughts, and to celebrate our common goal…to not only survive this year, but to THRIVE this year. Enjoy the pictures and comments below, feel free to tell us how you are choosing joy this year, and share with your friends. Our prayer is that you are able to be inspired, find encouragement, and know that we love you.

I’m going to choose joy and finish this crazy year by acknowledging things in my life that actually bring me joy, like my kids and family! I try to stay positive and always remember that laughter is the best medicine! ~ Rose

How am I choosing joy? I’m going to give you the truth.  
1.  Honestly….focusing on Jesus! He’s the ultimate Hope.  I love that verse when He says “You will have trouble in this world, but take heart….I’ve overcome the world!”  MIC DROP.  
2.  Turn off the news.  Remember the relationship is more important than being right (when it comes to politics or any other subject!). I just want to laugh and enjoy every bit of time with my family and friends.  
3. Choose to eat lots of dessert.  Another MIC DROP. 
~ Lindsey 

I will choose JOY by continuing to adjust my expectations for this year and remain flexible in the midst of the uncertainty. I want to remember to laugh more and not let the hard become the focal point clouding my outlook. Beautiful things often emerge from the difficulties of life. Recognizing those gifts daily brings so much JOY and the reminder that this season too will pass. Also, when it doubt, dance it out! Turn up the 80s music, forget the endless chores and homework for a few minutes, and have a spontaneous dance party in the kitchen. It’s a mood lifter for sure! ~ Trista

I’m choosing to find joy in being able to watch my daughter learn and the magically refilling coffee cup now that my husband has been home for 8 months. ~ Carrie

In 2020 I will continue to choose joy and simply will not settle for anything less. It will be during these special moments because life has slowed down that I will enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like a run under the stars with those I love. ~ Samantha

How I choose joy in 2020 has been to change my perspective of this season. If I choose to see this year as a fail and the worst possible outcome, then that’s all I see. But if I choose to see beauty even in the mist of sickness, fires, loss, pain…etc. then that is also all that I’ll see: beauty. ~ Veronica

I choose joy because the good things in my life far outweigh the bad; a sunset, my kids giggles, a hug from my hubs, a walk through the fall leaves…there is SO much to be thankful for! ~ Harmony

I’m going to choose joy by focusing on my family and loved ones around me. Putting all of my love and attention towards the good people in my life will bring joy into both my life and theirs. ~ Isabel

Choose Joy – this phrase just gives me the best feeling. Let’s have fun, be yourself and let’s not worry about it.  What better words to live by?
I Choose joy, everyday…how about you? Choose joy! ~ Albert

2020 has been full of HARD…that’s for sure! But in the midst of that hard, there have been small nuggets of good that have made me realize that JOY is all around us if we just choose to see it. So this year, as 2020 comes to a crazy end, I’m deciding to choose JOY no matter what happens. So much more enjoyable to focus on!  ~ Amy

This year I am choosing joy! I am diving into the extra time we have been given to spend with loved ones, our pets, and to take care of things I always complained about not having enough time for before; cooking, DIY home projects, reading…oh, and participating in lots of retail therapy! ~ Vanessa W.

I’m consciously choosing JOY by listening for my kids giggles and laughs. They have always giggled and laughed and it has always made me smile, but during 2020, my ears have been seeking to hear it more and hear it differently. They remind me that even in a year like 2020, purity of heart still exists and that joy is contagious if we let it in and express it in front of others. Another surprise joy has been work! I’ve found myself in recent years wishing I didn’t have to work, or wishing for days off. One would definitely expect to feel this way in 2020, but with all the changes happening in our world today, my job has been a constant that I need and love. Unexpectedly, I have been finding myself enjoying diving into work. ~ Vanessa R.

I’m going to consciously choose JOY even in this crazy year by counting my blessings one by one. ~ Brandon

I choose Joy by focusing on the things I can control, surrounding myself with positive encouraging people, and when all else fails just put on some worship music! ~ Consuelo

Chaos is kind of my constant, but 2020 has certainly added to that! Nothing like a global pandemic to highlight what are the most vital parts of our lives. I consciously choose joy by letting go of things that don’t matter or don’t bring happiness. I just don’t have the mental, physical, or emotional bandwidth for things (or people) that aren’t truly important to myself or my family. It may be housework, a book that loses my interest, the news, or social media drama…if it doesn’t bring me joy, it is not a priority! ~ Elizabeth

2 comments on “Sister(and brother)hood of the Traveling Graphic Tee! Evy’s Tree Staff Shares How They Are Choosing JOY During the Chaos of 2020

  1. Love hearing everyone’s reason to choose JOY! Gives me so many more ideas to be joyful about! Love the idea behind this release! Thanks for all ALL OF YOU DO!!!

  2. I choose joy by making sure I’m taking a little bit of time for myself everyday and remembering how blessed I am that my family is healthy and safe. ❤️

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