The Addyson Stripe in Red

Oh beautiful Addyson, we are so happy to welcome you back! Designed to be the absolute perfect ‘throw on’ hoodie wrap, the Addyson is one of those pieces you find yourself reaching for again and again. Now appearing in a fresh and timeless stripe pattern, the Addyson Stripe in Red will thrill your heart this spring. 
This best selling style is made as a zipperless wrap with a detachable, reversible, wide double fabric belt; solid red on one side and matching stripe on the other. The belt is optional; wear the Addyson with or without it to create a couple of different looks. New to this 2017 version is a simple single wide belt loop on the back., that blends in perfectly if you choose to not use the belt.  With ruched cuffs, side seam pockets, and an unlined hood, the Addyson can be worn by itself over a layering tank, or with a simple tee or blouse. It is running true to size; not as much stretch as the previous Addyson in Dusty Cedar. Slightly snug in the arms for a fitted look but overall it is not recommended that you size up, unless you prefer to layer the Addyson over thicker tops. 






Erinn in her XS Addyson Stripe! She is 5’2 and usually wears an XS.

Erinn - XS

Brittany in her Medium! She is 5’7 and usually wears a small, but wants more material for a flowy look.

Brittany in size M

Rose in her Medium. She is 5’5 and usually wears a small, but wants more material for a flowy look.

File Mar 07, 11 39 52 AM

Harmony in her XL Addyson. She is 5’8 and usually wears an XL.

Harmony in XL

Diana in her XL. She is 5’10 and wearing her usual size.

Diana in XL (1)

Color Comparison – left to right – Natalie in Sand, Jessica in Oatmeal, Bryony in Apple, and Addyson in Red Stripe

File Feb 23, 1 11 51 PM

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