The Amy Shirt in Black Polka Dot

Three cheers for the classic wardrobe staple, the versatile button down shirt! Eponymous with the hardworking, fashion loving, creative heart and soul of the owner of Evy’s Tree, the button-down shirt is Amy’s absolute favorite clothing item. If you’ve been around for awhile, you know that she can make a button down shirt the foundation of nearly every possible outfit imaginable! 
She is such a huge proponent of the button down that of course, it was just a matter of time before she just created her own for Evy’s Tree. And now you can wear and enjoy this timeless look, with the Amy Shirt in Black Polka Dot. New to Evy’s Tree and appearing just in time for Spring 2017, here is a new fabulous trademark  Amy shirt. It is made in a super soft 100% cotton wash to make it practical and convenient for busy women. 
These styles feature the usual amazing details that make your Evy’s Tree piece unique and fun. They feature ribbon back loops and grosgrain ribbon trim down their front, eye-catching prints on their collar stands, and an Evy’s Tree monogram on the shirt tail hems.
evystree-5065 (1)
Korey is 5’5″ and she is wearing a 2X
Korey in 2X (4)
Rose is 5’5″ and is wearing a Small
Rose in S
Crystal is 5’3″ and wearing an XS
Crystal in XS
Rose is 5’5″ and wearing a Small
Veronica in M
Brittany is 5’7″ and wearing a Small
Brittany in M

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