The Sophie in Garnet

Why do people love the Sophie so much? Sophie is comfortable and allows room to ‘breathe’ if you want a fuller, comfortable yet gorgeous top. Some ladies prefer to have a more fitted ‘baby doll’ style and this is easily achieved by sizing down. Wear it with leggings, jeans…zipped up or left open and layered over a top or dress. If you’re pregnant, the Sophie is an absolute necessity for maternity, hospital stay, and postpartum comfort. Plus, the zippered closure aids in quick, easy breastfeeding! The Sophie is simply comfortable, pretty, and easy to fit into any ladies wardrobe in a variety of ways.

What is the Sophie?

The Sophie is our number one top seller! Luxury meets baby doll dress meets hoodie.

The most perfect Evy’s Tree to date and our favorite around here.

Amy doubted this style would be a good seller. She figured we would sell a couple of hundred, max. When we released the Rust Sophie, in the Fall of 2014, the entire inventory was sold out within hours. See our other blog posts for past Sophie Releases! Welcome to the Sophie Nation, Sophie in Garnet!!

Introducing a new Sophie in Garnet; complete with our all time favorite original Sophie fabric. It has a fun mix dot hood liner with a dash of gold metallic. We also added ribbon drawstrings down the front of the hoodie and a slightly heavier weight, fleece brushed interior to carry you through the colder months ahead.This empire-waisted hoodie compliments everyone. Two side-pockets are included, because let’s be honest, every piece of comfort-wear should have pockets.

The Sophie is the epitome of luxury in your everyday life. You will LOVE this one!

This Sophie in Garnet is a show stopper and can be dressed up or dressed down for all your holiday styling inspirations.






Color Comparison….left to right: Sophie in Garnet, Reece in Lipstick, Trish in Merlot, Brilla in Plum, and Bryony in Apple

File Nov 21, 1 19 10 PM

For IRL photos….see past Sophie blog posts! Or visit our social media!

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