The Wanderlust Collection; Georgia Dress in Navy Stripe, Ivy Layered Necklace, and Marble Hoop Earrings

If you lived in this village, you understood what was expected of you. You knew your place in the scheme of things. And if you happened to forget, someone would help remind you. In this village, if you saw something you weren’t supposed to see, you learned to look the other way. If perchance your hopes had been disappointed, you learned never to ask for more. So through good times and bad, famine and feast, the villagers held fast to their traditions.

Until, one winter day, a sly wind blew in from the North…

But still the clever north wind was not satisfied.

It spoke to Vianne of towns yet to be visited,

friends in need yet to be discovered,

battles yet to be fought… 

(Chocolat, 2000)

Wanderlust. That undeniable tugging that may silently stalk your mindless routine, and then pounce into your soul with ferocity that renders you breathless with its urgency. You begin to think of the paths you haven’t yet walked, or the ones you once trod and would like to revisit. The daily tasks get overlooked because your vision is transfixed by ideas and dreams that dance across your heart with a melody to which you find yourself responding. You still remember the words to those haunting melodies, my friend…your feet remember those steps. What is it that you long to do, explore, complete, or discover? Evy’s Tree knows that each of us holds within our hearts, to some degree, those thoughts that can make us gasp with anticipation when we dare voice them. We would like to encourage each of our wonderful friends to embrace boldness, shed the chains of fear, and reach for those dreams you’ve kept muffled in your heart. Do scary things, friends, reach for your stars! Listen to the calling of the north wind and allow yourself to give in a little (or a lot!) to the wanderlust you feel.

With these thoughts in mind, we created the Georgia Dress in Navy Stripe, an all-new bohemian-inspired dress that we envisioned you wearing on the free-spirited adventures that your romantic soul dares to conjure. With the utmost attention to details, we made the Georgia Dress with a beautiful light navy cotton gauze fabric containing white dashed stripes at varying widths to create movement and texture. Featuring a classic smocked yoke, tassel tipped ties, eyelet dyed-to-match lace at the neck, shoulder and sleeve cuffs, a comfortable elastic waistband, and a perfectly ‘flowy’ three tiered full skirt, the Georgia Dress is that marriage of deep Gypsy vintage-inspired with boho vibe you’ve always wanted. Wear this all spring and summer because it transitions seamlessly from casual to dressy.

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.” ~ Lovelle Drachman

New to the Evy’s Tree accessories line are two amazing vintage-inspired pieces, the Ivy Layered Necklace and our Marble Hoop Earrings. The Ivy Layered Necklace is a fun, two-tiered, nickel-free statement piece that features navy thread wrapped balls, and a single dusty pink beaded drop ball in the center of each tier. Our Marble Hoop Earrings are also versatile and the perfect mixture of vintage and modern; acrylic navy and dove white hoop earrings with gold nickel-free ball posts exactly designed to match our Georgia Dress and the Ivy Layered Necklace. These funky, oversized hoops and the sweet details and texture variety of the necklace is the light weight and lovely way to add flair to your favorite Evy’s Tree pieces.

Please refer to the listing on our website for exact body measurements. All accessories are hypoallergenic.
Model is Helen Bystrova. For pictures on various people who are other heights and body shapes, please refer to our website Customer Photos page and/or our IG IRL (in real life) photo feed, @evystree_irl.
Professional photography by (@DASOphoto on Instagram). Hair/makeup is by Katie

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