Wine Country Living in Santa Rosa


When I was eight years old, my parents moved from South San Francisco to the California Wine Country. Looking for a respite from the “concrete jungle,” my parents wanted fresh air, rolling hills, and agriculture. But more than that, they were looking for a casual lifestyle. Being bred in country clubs, my dad was desperate for a place where he could wear his seventies short shorts, crew neck and knee high socks all day long, and no one would mind. They wanted to go out to dinner casually and sip margaritas on the deck of our local Mexican taqueria in the warm summer night breeze, with no one shaming them for not dressing up. They wanted to raise their kids in an environment where being kind to others and enjoying the good in life meant more than how you looked. And they found it in the Sonoma wine country…

amy with family

Turns out, they weren’t the only ones. Over the last 30+ years, San Francisco Bay Area residents have flocked to the Sonoma, Napa and Alexander Valley; either full time or for the weekends. They come because of the excellent cuisine, and the wine, of course, as well as for the laid back environment. Eventually, the phrase “Wine Country Casual” was coined by all of the city rebels who didn’t want to dress up. For men, this meant khakis, button-downs, Sperrys and maybe a navy blazer for dinner, and polo shirts with 9 inch shorts and rainbow flip flops for day. The women embraced casual day dresses for dinner, and jeans, ballet flats and button downs for day….and hoodies. Of course hoodies. Because at night when the fog rolls in, you need something to cover up.

Hoodies are a huge part of wine country culture, which is why the wine country culture is a huge reason that influences why we do what we do. But maybe you have to visit the wine country to get that. Never been to our world? Come visit us! We’d love to introduce you to the most amazing place on the planet….and don’t forget to make Evy’s Tree one of your first stops!


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